Becky Lipnick

Maximizing ROI with CloudSuite Industrial

With a comprehensive ERP like CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) from Infor, there are countless possibilities for improving your organization. However, many manufacturers only use the platform to accomplish a few objectives and then stop looking for further ways to improve. Don’t leave money on the table by only using a fraction of your CSI software’s potential. …

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Infor ERP Releases Innovative Features

An Infor ERP solution isn’t just a temporary fix to today’s issues, it’s an investment for tomorrow. Because of Infor’s forward-thinking approach to software, choosing an Infor ERP gives you access to the latest features sweeping the industry. Innovation is never static, and with Infor, your software isn’t either. Infor OS Infor OS (Operating Service) …

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Most ERP Implementations Fail

If your ERP implementation failed, you’re not alone. Research suggests that 55-75% of ERP projects fail or don’t meet their intended objectives. However, you shouldn’t give up on your ERP entirely.