Infor Increases AI Capabilities

As artificial intelligence (AI) grows more prevalent in the business processes of modern industries, software vendors are taking notice. Infor, a global leader in software and industry-specific ERP solutions, has been steadily increasing its AI tools. Here are a few of the capabilities now offered by Infor for growing manufacturers.

What is Infor OS?

Infor Operating Service (Infor OS) connects Infor’s various software products and third-party solutions into a complete digital business platform. By using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Infor OS is available as a multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

When you combine artificial intelligence and machine learning together with Infor OS and an Infor ERP like CloudSuite Industrial (CSI), the possibilities are endless. Automate critical tasks for predictive maintenance and to manage your supply chain. Data collection and other analysis activities can occur through machine learning, rather than requiring constant human direction. In addition, Infor’s digital assistant allows workers to engage with your systems seamlessly through chat commands (which are protected by voice recognition). These commands can assist with everything from scheduling meetings to answering job-specific questions. If you are unsure how to bring AI and ML together, we can help. At Datix, we support our clients every step of the way through their ERP transformation, from the planning to the implementation and beyond.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Unsurprisingly, AI creates a wealth of analytics and insight engine opportunities that take data management to the next level. You can see prescriptive analytics, gain greater forecasting capabilities, and analyze data ranges within the context of that time period’s specific market factors. Don’t let your competitors have the advantage when it comes to business intelligence. Talk to Datix for Infor CloudSuite consulting. As an Infor Gold Channel Partner with 25 years’ experience delivering ERP solutions, we can assist with every aspect of your ERP ecosystem. Our experts can support you with ERP, AI, IoT, CRM, integrations, and much more.

Wrap Up

AI is the future of software. Infor is leading the charge in offering the latest AI and other technological advancements for manufacturers. Will you follow in their footsteps?

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