Planning for an ERP Implementation

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution has the potential to transform your business. The right software can overcome logistical challenges and allow your organization to thrive, but only if the implementation process goes correctly.

Companies that rush into an implementation tend to choose the wrong software or consultant. They also tend to drag the process out because they don’t know what they want. In this blog, we will discuss how to plan for a successful ERP implementation.

Identify your Why

When companies want a new ERP, it is almost always because they have severe issues that they need to solve. These are usually systematic issues such as being unable to see/analyze critical data or being unable to manage essential areas like overseeing the supply chain. At Datix, we solve real issues for our clients (it’s one of our core values, in fact) through our business-first approach. We listen to our clients as they describe each of their challenges and strengths. We then develop a plan for them that will resolve all of their issues while increasing their competitive advantage through a tailored ERP solution. Talk to an ERP expert about gaining a comprehensive plan for your business.

Who Will be Impacted?

Next, you need to think about who will use your ERP system on a daily basis. What will they gain from the new implementation? Sometimes, staff are reluctant to see a new software added to your processes because they believe it will mess up how you do things. Explain that a new ERP will actually simplify and streamline their workload and involve these people in the process of selecting the software and consultant you choose. That way, they can voice their questions and concerns to ensure your new system addresses real day-to-day operations challenges. The right ERP consultant will be eager to hear these concerns because it will help them create a tailored ERP solution. It also gives the consultant an opportunity to build rapport, which will be important when training your staff on how to use the new implementation. From the planning, to the implementation, to the training, Datix supports its clients every step of the way throughout their ERP transformation. Learn how we support our clients from start to finish.

Select an ERP Partner

After vetting different ERP consultants, you must decide who to use as your ERP partner, if you wish to have one. While it is possible to implement a new ERP with minimal outside support, companies that choose to work alone usually find that their implementation drags out indefinitely (because they lack the guidance to make decisions about how to best move forward), or that their transition is messy as preventable setup mistakes drag operations to a halt. A trustworthy ERP consultant brings the expertise to keep projects moving forward and the knowledge of how to set up software correctly the first time. As a one-stop shop with 25 years’ experience, Datix has the skillset to execute your ERP vision, no matter what it involves. Even if your ERP solution requires hosting, disaster recovery, IoT, or an integration, our team of experts can lead you on the path to becoming a stronger enterprise.  

Wrap Up

With the right planning, an ERP system can allow your company to overcome the challenges that are holding it back. If you are unsure where to start, a partner like Datix can guide you through every aspect of your ERP journey.

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