ERP Consulting

ERP Consulting is both an art and a science. Good consulting firms are able to put their experience to work in repeatable processes that simplify the ERP implementation journey. Just as important as following process is the ability to listen to what’s really important and having a sense for when a solution has truly hit the target. Pushing the envelope to continually provide a better ERP consulting experience is what keeps the Datix team striving for something more and something better than we were able to deliver yesterday.

Business First Approach

Implementations that don’t directly align with business practices are failed implementations. By starting with business outcomes and processes, the most important business issues drive software choices rather than allowing a software to force decisions onto the business that increase stress rather than solving real issues. For more details on our approach, see our implementation process, visit our ERP implementation process page.

ERP Consulting Business First Approach

The Right Software

Choosing the right software and ERP evaluation can be overwhelming to try to undertake on your own without the help of experts to guide you along the way. With an ERP consulting team you can trust, software choices are framed with business objectives in mind, and the chaos of an unstructured process disappears. Each software choice can then be carefully considered against concrete decision criteria with expert insight into software details. The end result is that your organization enjoys software that is best suited to help grow your organization and reduce frustration of software that doesn’t fit.


Choosing The Right Software

Expertise At Work

With over 25 years of experience, our team of consultants helps your organization with real-world results. Our team looks beyond the surface level issues to design solutions that address the core business goals using the right software to achieve business wins. Solutions aren’t built in silos though, as our team works closely with your team to ensure solutions are going to be a good fit throughout the organization.

Valued Clients

Obsessed With Results

Half-baked solutions aren’t real solutions. Even worse, partial solutions may never make it out of their test environment, and die shortly after. Getting solutions across the finish line and seeing clients’ business transformed is what our team lives for. We aren’t happy until we’ve worked together to achieve tangible results and project success.

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