ERP Solutions

Stop Struggling with Quality and Compliance

Medical manufacturers that struggle to maintain Quality and compliance standards experience more product errors, recalls, and greater scrutiny from the FDA. Maintaining uniform standards requires an ERP with data accessibility, otherwise it is impossible to monitor and document your processes. With CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) from Infor, you can guarantee product quality with a modern ERP solution.

Track Everything

To succeed in Quality Assurance, you need an ERP for Medical Device Manufacturers. CSI gives you complete traceability with up-to-date data at your fingertips. It is simple to track everything from orders to suppliers to inventory.   

With a Datix ERP implementation, we tailor your solution to your company’s specific requirements, meaning you always have the right tools for the task at hand.


Medical Manufacturing Consulting Experts

With 25 years’ experience, our consultants can support you with all of your ERP needs. 

3 Step Process

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Talk with a Datix Expert

Talking with an expert is the first step to uncover the core issues that are keeping your organization constantly firefighting

Choose a
Best-of-Breed Solution

Our team of industry experts drill into your core issues to present options to get you out of firefighting and into full solutions

Achieve Your Success

Datix guides you in the delivery of your solution. You make informed decisions and conquer your goals

supply chain graphic

Master your Supply Chain

Multi-level supply chain management is complicated for medical manufacturers, but the right ERP gives you the tools to simplify: 

  • Risk evaluation
  • Tracking and documentation 
  • The Approved Supplier List (ASL)
  • Audits or inspections
  • E-signatures
  • Integrating LIMS with ERP