ERP Integration

ERP Connectivity Through Unity

ERP Integration multiplies the benefits of other systems at work throughout your organization. Integrated sales systems facilitate more sales and faster turnaround. Integrated marketing systems improve the quality of contacts in the system and allow better segmentation of marketing efforts. Integrated ecommerce platforms offer a richer end user experience with real-time data and better visibility of order processing. Integrated customer support systems reduce frustration in the support process and help get to resolutions quicker with the right data at your fingertips.

Lost Customers & Missed Opportunities

Having an ERP keeps processes organized and enforces critical rules intended to keep deliverable quality high. Just adding discipline won’t grow your organization or improve your overall customer satisfaction if you’re introducing other pain points with customers, though. A disconnected ERP may even lead to losing customers and missing out on sales opportunities because much of the potential of the ERP is untapped, with the ERP living in isolation from other systems throughout the organization.

Life Without ERP Integration

The Unity Difference


Understand contacts and offer them the exceptional service they deserve


Maximize data to gain total visibility and perfect order fulfillment


Utilize a proper sales funnel throughout the customer journey

Better Connections

 By connecting your ERP with other department platforms, each department is able to better connect with prospects and clients. With connected systems, each department can more quickly hit goals by reducing the amount of time it takes asking for the right information and waiting for answers. Not only does Unity facilitate the ERP integration, as a fully managed solution supported by a team with over 25 years of experience, Unity provides the peace of mind knowing that your integration will continue providing value without the additional burden of integration maintenance on your team.

Popular Unity ERP Integrations

Unity was specifically designed to work with Epicor® ERP systems like Kinetic, Prophet 21, and BisTrack as well as with Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). You can also integrate other platforms with a customized Sales package.

Epicor® Salesforce Integration
Epicor® Dynamics 365 Integration
Hubspot Epicor Integration
Infor Salesforce Integration
Infor Dynamics 365 Integration
Hubspot Infor Integration

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