Business Management Solutions

At Datix, we offer best-of-breed business solutions for manufacturers
who want to make data-driven, informed decisions

Gain an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to meet business requirements, create cost-effective operations, and deliver an unmatched user experience. SyteLine is ideal as an on-premises system and CloudSuite Industrial is available as a cloud-based system. We support both.

Datix provides implementation services, integration solutions, and support for Infor software. Our Infor-certified consultants have harnessed this impressive tool to help clients realize consistent, tangible value.


Experience a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps you connect with customers, increase overall efficiency, and close more deals. Microsoft Dynamics 365 puts key business information at your fingertips. Datix unlocks the power of CRM by combining the expansive capability of Dynamics 365 with proven business best practices.


As the world’s largest provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce makes it easy for companies to access cloud-based social and mobile CRM functions. Businesses often come to us wondering if Salesforce is right for them. If your company has a sophisticated sales process or a sales team reliant on mobile devices and data at their fingertips, there is a very good chance that Salesforce can greatly benefit your organization. However, understanding why and how to achieve the best results from the software is key. We specialize in helping clients do exactly that.


Unity is a prebuilt, managed integration solution that allows organizations to seamlessly connect separate enterprise software systems. Unity passes data behind the scenes, so your end-users see everything in one place and no longer need to conduct duplicate manual data entry. With this level of insight and transparency, you can enjoy greater efficiency and decision making by allowing users to have access to a single source of truth in the system that’s right for them in their role.

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The leader in cloud technology is Microsoft Azure, guaranteeing fast performance, 24/7 global support, and a 99.95% SLA. Datix leverages Azure to provide our clients with worry-free hosting. We help you deploy or migrate your solution to the cloud and also provide on-going support to ensure you get cloud scalability with on-prem flexibility.


A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution, EverSafe! protects your business data, whether you host it on-premises or in the cloud. EverSafe! has the ability to store terabytes of data in two bi-coastal data centers for maximum enterprise cloud security. Let Datix set up your disaster recovery, so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe from permanent destruction.

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PandaDoc is a content and document management software for enterprise-level businesses. Perfect for any business dealing with vast amounts of internal and external documents, PandaDoc to simplifies the sales pipeline and makes document management easy. Close deals faster with a Datix PandaDoc implementation.


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