What Can Infor ERP Implementation Do for You?

From production roadblocks to data silos, every business has its pain points. These issues can get in the way of your organization’s growth and cause potential customers to walk away. With your workforce dedicating too much time reacting to problems, you’re losing out on opportunities to optimize strategies and capitalize on new channels of revenue.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is your key to solving pain points and pursuing business growth. ERP consolidates back-end data into a robust solution designed to provide companies with full control over processes and performance.

Benefits to ERP:

  • Sophisticated dashboards and reports give users real-time access to data.
  • Process automation maintains consistency and reduces manual labor.
  • User-friendly tools enable your workforce to increase its efficiency and accuracy.

When you strategically implement ERP software, you can smooth over issues, elevate business performance, and meet your customers’ needs.

Infor Software: Made to Fit Your Business

When choosing ERP software, Datix knows that a one-size-fits-all solution does not benefit an organization’s specialized needs. Instead, your company needs something flexible and scalable to match your growth.

Datix has partnered with Infor to deliver highly flexible and scalable products with a wide variety of industry-specific cloud software tailor-made to your business. Infor understands that cookie-cutter software solutions only further hinder companies. That is why all of their software is customizable and can be made to fit your unique business.

Infor, a global leader in business cloud software products, is one of the world’s largest providers of integrated ERP, CRM, SCM, and HCM software solutions for enterprise-level businesses. Over 68,000 distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and organizations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.

Forward-thinking IT decision-makers are pushing the envelope of cloud benefits with increasingly more direct business benefits. Meanwhile, cloud deployments continue to deliver significant cost savings compared with applications delivered by traditional on-premise solutions.

Infor and the Cloud

Infor created a diverse portfolio of ERP cloud solutions that support specific industries. By delivering unmatched user experience with ERP at its core, Infor helps SMBs take full advantage of cloud technology’s business benefits. Infor brings business processes and artificial intelligence (AI) together to enable rapid application development and a common data strategy — all built using service-design principles in a unified experience that allows customers to be flexible and agile in the cloud.

Easily integrate a complete cloud-based industry suite into your company’s existing systems that efficiently deploy technology putting user experience first. From discrete manufacturing to retail and distribution, Infor takes pride in the creation of complete specialized solutions, showcasing that enterprise software does not need to be one-size-fits-all.

Improved Planning and Innovation

Infor designed an ERP solution to fit clients’ unique operational needs, resources, and budget to help improve productivity everywhere from the front office to the shop floor.

Through Infor’s cloud-based software, your company can streamline production planning, scheduling, and develop an innovative environment more efficiently. Infor’s software is agile and in-sync, giving you the power to quickly adapt to fast-changing customer needs. The ultimate result: advancing your bottom line and improving product quality.

Manufacturing: By combining manufacturing expertise, micro-vertical functionality, and modern technology, Infor’s solutions transform even the most sophisticated manufacturing processes into a competitive advantage.

Distribution: Optimize inventory, warehouse management, multi-channel orders, and more through Infor’s intuitive user interface. Achieve profitability with unparalleled enterprise visibility.

Software Catered to Your Business

Infor provides customizable enterprise software solutions that are built cloud-first and cloud-based for your industry. In manufacturing and distribution to fashion and hospitality, Infor covers over 19 industries and has ERP end-to-end solutions brought together by artificial intelligence technology. By catering software to your unique business, Infor creates an environment where meeting and exceeding your goals has never been easier.

When reaching your customer, your brand must be relevant, credible, and personal to drive revenue. Customer expectations are high; using omnichannel data collected within Infor will deliver personal interactions that will acquire new customers, keep existing customers, and earn their loyalty.

ERP Implementation Best Practices

If you don’t undergo your ERP implementation properly, you could end up wasting years on a software investment that fails to deliver expected improvements. Teaming up with certified ERP experts is a critical step to achieving ERP success. They will ensure you take an organized, effective approach to implementation that encompasses best practices, such as:

  • Business process modeling
  • Use case development
  • Requirements documentation
  • Change management
  • Testing
  • User training
  • Data conversion
  • Reporting
Datix built best practices into our Strategic Solution Process. Our proven methodology has guided businesses from multiple industries to an on-time, on-budget ERP deployment.

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Datix for Your Infor Implementation

We recognize the importance of making a smooth transition through the functionality and development of new software. Our proven implementation process ensures that this powerful software works for your organization as intended. We will work cohesively with your company from start to finish to ensure that your organization unlocks the full power of Infor business solutions.

For more information on all our enterprise software solutions and services, contact one of our experts today!

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