How to Decide If You Should Upgrade or Replace an Outdated ERP


ERP systems are an essential aspect of modern manufacturing, but systems can become out of date as technology advances, or your business needs evolve. In fact, 50% of companies are planning or in the process of acquiring or upgrading their ERP (Technology Evaluation Centers). If you have an outdated ERP that no longer meets your needs, how do you decide between an upgrade and finding a new system? Many decision makers get intimidated by the high cost of replacing their old system, but that isn’t the only factor to consider.

Questions to Ask

When evaluating between upgrading your current ERP versus replacing it with a new system, make sure to ask these questions for each option:

  • Will you generate more revenue for your business?
  • Will you be able to conduct accurate capacity planning?
  • How adaptable and extensible is the system?
  • What will you get out of each plan’s maintenance package?
  • What is the relationship you want with your software vendor or consultant?
  • Do you want to drive change at your organization?

Want to learn more? Because these topics are complex, we will be going over each of these issues individually in our next blog series. Stay tuned!

No Matter What Solution You Need, Datix Can Help

If you’re unsure if an upgrade or ERP replacement is right for you, or want to figure out your next steps, Datix can help. As nonbiased experts with 25 years’ experience providing software solutions, Datix is your one-stop-shop for either an upgrade or an ERP replacement. Our consultants will gladly walk through your specific pain points to find the most economical solution that is right for you.

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