Scared of Losing Data?

From hackers to employee mishaps, faulty equipment and natural disasters, your data faces a lot of dangers. With EverSafe Backup and Disaster Recovery, you never need to worry about lost data, unplanned downtime, or damaged servers. 

Protection for Peace of Mind

EverSafe gives you confidence in your systems by mitigating data risk and offering zero-point security. EverSafe is the only solution that offers backup, disaster recovery, instant on-site and off-site virtualization, screenshot verification of backups, and intelligent ransomware protection and remediation all from one simple user interface. By storing an exact copy of your data both locally and online, your data is safe no matter what, so you never have to suffer long stretches of IT downtime.

With a Datix EverSafe solution, we address your specific requirements by tailoring the solution to your organization. 

Disaster Recovery Experts

With 25 years’ experience, we created EverSafe to take care of all of your backup and disaster recovery needs. Never struggle with unscalable software or manual backup jobs again. 

3 Step Process

Get Unstuck:
Talk with a Datix Expert

Talking with an expert is the first step to uncover the core issues that are keeping your organization constantly firefighting

Choose a
Best-of-Breed Solution

Our team of industry experts drill into your core issues to present options to get you out of firefighting and into full solutions

Achieve Your Success

Datix guides you in the delivery of your solution. You make informed decisions and conquer your goals