Data Protection and Business Resilience is Key to Success

Do you have time for downtime? In our personal lives, downtime from injury could mean medical expenses, time off from work, and potentially a lengthy recovery.

For most modern manufacturers and distributors, IT systems and data are the lifeblood of business. If you think about technical mishaps like injuries, then a cloud data management solution like EverSafe! is your insurance policy that provides reliable business resilience and protection from ransomware, disaster, failure, or rogue employees.

Migrate Data Risk

Respond to cyber treats and regulatory compliance with ransomware-ready backups, anomaly detection, and instant virtualization.

Automate & Modernize

Break free from legacy protection methods with a single platform that scales for data growth and eliminates manual backup jobs. 

Zero Point Security

Quickly and securely archive to the cloud and integrate protection with new cyber services. One solution to unify cloud hosting management.

Azure + EverSafe! = Zero-Point Data Security

Meet the impermeable backup and disaster recovery platform for business resilience. Protect your data from disasters, operational errors, and system failures with enterprise cloud security.

EverSafe! Backup and Disaster Recovery

Manufacturers and distributors have no time for downtime—and they definitely don’t have the time to deal with lost data or damaged servers. That’s why we created EverSafe!, a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution that protects your critical business data and hardware. Whether you host systems on site or in the cloud, EverSafe! ensures that your technology is up and running within minutes after a disaster.

EverSafe! is the only solution that offers backup, disaster recovery, instant on-site and off-site virtualization, screenshot verification of backups, and intelligent ransomware protection and remediation all from one simple user interface. By storing an exact copy of your data both locally and online, it keeps your data safe no matter what, so you never have to suffer long stretches of IT downtime. Businesses running ERPCRM or any other enterprise application can rest assured that their investment is protected by EverSafe!. Think of EverSafe! as disaster insurance for your software solutions, providing reliable business continuity, and ensuring you’ll never be held hostage by ransomware.

Think Your Data’s Safe? Think Again.

IT systems and data are the lifeblood of your business. Therefore, you can’t leave any room for technological mishaps. Think of disaster recovery solutions as insurance for your enterprise technology. Just as you wouldn’t buy a house without getting it insured, you shouldn’t install ERP or CRM without investing in disaster recovery.

If you think your data and software are safe enough as it is, we have some bad news:

  • Real-time data processing prevents ERP and CRM systems from properly backing up files.
  • Your IT manager might not be available in the event of a disaster.
  • Repairing or replacing hardware can take anywhere from two days to two weeks, resulting in devastating downtime.
  • Cloud providers lack expertise in restoration and don’t back up files as frequently as true DR solutions.

EverSafe! fills in the gaps in your disaster recovery process. The breakthrough technology and comprehensive support of EverSafe! eliminate the unreliability of traditional backups to get your business up and running in no time. Employee mishaps, hackers, ransomware and natural disasters are no match for EverSafe!

Protect Your Investment with Datix

For over 24 years, Datix has offered a wide variety of software solutions and services for manufacturers and distributors. As a certified partner of Microsoft D365 CESalesforce, and a service consultant for Epicor®, we’re the leading experts in ERP and CRM. Additionally, our Unity integration solution seamlessly connects Epicor® with CRM, eCommerce, and Marketing Automation software to streamline operations from the top floor to the shop floor.

EverSafe! will keep your software instances, business, and data out of harm’s way with advanced disaster recovery.

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