Managed Services

We Understand your Challenges

Software doesn’t need to be complicated. Instead of trying to manage your ERP ecosystem yourself and draining your IT team, work with our experts at Datix. With 25 years’ experience managing systems, we ensure your software is running optimally with daily monitoring so you can at you can focus on doing what you do best. Take your business to the next level with managed hosting, infrastructure, or integration services.

If you want the advantages cloud computing, but don’t want to deal with the hassle, we can help. At Datix, we offer managed hosting with the data scalability, minimal downtime, and customizations tailored to you business. From scaling the performance of your servers to rapidly responding to errors, we do whatever it takes to maximize the value of your investment and keep your operation up and running. With the proper cloud hosting services, your enterprise will have no limits.


Managed Infrastructure

An ERP ecosystem must have an infrastructure supporting it. For some organizations, this infrastructure may be on-premises, cloud-based, mobile accessible, or a hybrid setup. Whatever you need, Datix has you covered. Our team considers your specific business strategies to implement and manage your ERP infrastructure to strengthen your operations. Talk to Datix about developing a tailored managed infrastructure plan for your ERP ecosystem.

The right integration has the potential to create complete data transparency and unite an organization but needs to be monitored. With Unity: Integration by Datix, you can operate out of one system that has been tailored to your business needs without burdening your IT department. As a fully managed, scalable solution, Unity was designed to give manufacturers and complex distributors all the data they need in the right tool to transform their businesses.

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