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Datix and Salesforce: A Force to Be Reckoned With

The manufacturing and complex distribution industries are extraordinarily diverse and always changing. Today’s companies face challenges from more complex business models that require increased customer attention. Customer relationship management (CRM) software synchronizes marketing, sales, and customer care to meet and exceed these new requirements.

Smart manufacturers and complex distributors use CRM solutions to seize opportunities to improve daily operations to create a competitive advantage with production and operational performance.

CRM Comparison & Analysis

Microsoft D365 CE and Salesforce are both power CRM solutions, so what is the difference? Download a comprehensive comparison to see how they vary.

Salesforce CRM VS Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Integrate Marketing & Sales

All integrated departments work together seamlessly and enables organizations to analyze market trends, redefine sales performance, and develop customer loyalty. Make your marketing dollars work for you by effectively targeting and connecting with your potential customers through both yourSales and Marketing departments more efficiently. 

Salesforce gives you enterprise marketing automation and multi-channel campaign management. Get to know your customers and develop the valued relationships that are vital to growing your business. Keep and attract customers with better insights and marketing analytics then sell more effectively when your software allows you to reach your customer in a constantly connected world. Reach your customer with mobile, tablet, and social networks. Get real-time data, news, social updates, and connection data with integrated intelligence tools for Sales Departments.

Keep all your business data in-sync and up-to-date for exceptional customer service. Integrate Salesforce with ERP to connect front-line sales and service with the back-office and marketing management functions.

Salesforce Integration Services

Critical ERP & CRM data needs to be on hand at all times. Sync your data with our no-install application, Unity. Integrate Salesforce data with your system and maximize performance potential.

Integrate Salesforce CRM and with your ERP System

We created a cloud-based connector – Datix Unity – to help our clients sync their data without any coding required. What makes our connector standout is how easy it is to sync not only your ERP data with CRM and vice versa, but also your CRM data with your Marketing Automation software. Keeping up-to-date information will make your sales portion easier. When you meet with a client, you will always have the latest information on invoices, order fulfillment, open cases and inventory information ( to name a few) on your laptop, mobile or tablet device.

Expert Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce is the world’s cloud CRM leader and can transform your business. We employ Salesforce certified developers and high-caliber consultants that customize software solutions for enterprises like yourself. Does your system deliver your desired business outcome?

Salesforce is a CRM that Works for Your Business

Businesses envision Salesforce perfectly aligned to their sales, marketing, and service processes, with executives being able to dynamically draw reports and advanced analytics from the system. Unfortunately, just installing the software will not allow this to occur. For this kind of software synergy, organizations need to properly align Salesforce to their organizational business practices. That’s what Datix does.

Datix specializes in helping companies extract the desired outcome from their software investment by ensuring that Salesforce supports their sales process, streamlines service protocols, and provides the best kinds of dashboards and reports to executives. This is the best way for organizations to see an ROI on the software.

We’ve helped numerous businesses mitigate the risk all organizations experience when implementing powerful new software. These implementations are not to be taken lightly and need expert attention for total success. The business models and processes that are employed during implementation determine how well the system is adopted, utilized and ultimately performs.

Sync Business Data Quickly and Easily

Wowing your customers is a continual process. We want that process to involve transparency and a dissemination of data throughout the sales and production process. It is incredibly easy to communicate with your customers with the proper software. Evolving technologies make adapting to change easier for manufacturers and distributors. Keep your edge by putting your customers needs at the forefront of your technological improvements.

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Datix specializes in understanding business processes and leveraging that knowledge towards software that can transform your organization.

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