Effectively Managing Your Multi-Level
Supply Chain E-Book

Multi-level supply chain management is complicated for medical manufacturers, but an ERP can offer complete data transparency and make the process simpler. This e-book will describe how a tailored ERP can support medical manufacturers with: 

  • Risk evaluation using a risk acceptability matrix or benefit-risk analysis
  • Completing tracking and documentation for risk management, validation, revalidation, quality inspection, transaction history, and purchase order history
  • Containing the Approved Supplier List (ASL) and offering easy access to a supplier’s current validation status
  • Automating triggers for scheduling, vetting items, notifying about issues, and initiating revalidation
  • Streamlining audits or inspections by the FDA
  • Supporting e-signatures while meeting compliance requirements
  • Maximizing and working in tandem with a LIMS (potentially with an ERP-LIMS integration)
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As a software solutions leader, Datix has 25 years of experience supporting manufacturers and distributors. We focus on the unique needs of each of our clients to offer them a comprehensive strategy for their business.

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