Solutions for Aerospace & Defense manufacturers

Aerospace and Defense manufacturers are consistently leaders of innovation, but cost challenges and changing market dynamics are major obstacles for A&D manufacturers. In 2021, the A&D industry paid 27% to 44% more on average for raw materials. With higher raw materials costs, increased labor compensation and complicated supply chain logistics, creating a strong business model to protect profit margins is essential.

Forward-thinking manufacturing organizations are attacking these challenges with ERP technologies for ways to capture data, analyze critical process efficiencies, and create an advantage with production and operational performance.

With Datix, you can find the ERP solution that works best for your organization to strengthen profit margins and deliver tangible value to your customers.

Datix is used by thousands of companies around the world, and each solution we implement goes beyond traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) to provide financial management, product management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and more.

Our goal is to extend the value of your software while guiding you through the entire implementation or upgrade process from start to finish.

In the constantly evolving market of aerospace and defense, creating innovative products while keeping costs down, raising profits, and complying with strict requirements from both clients and governments requires a trustworthy system to comprehensively manage business processes. At Datix, we can help you build a secure, flexible, and reliable enterprise software system that you can depend on.

Our aerospace and defense ERP and CRM software solutions will help your business:

Align Systems
  • Enforce lean production principles with automation and waste reduction modules
  • Monitor, in real-time, your process and production capacities with efficient manufacturing execution systems
More Operational Control
  • Control every aspect of your internal logistics with an integrated supply chain management system that includes closer collaboration with suppliers and distributors
  • Trace your products from shop floor to store floor—with the ability to attach barcodes to items to maintain quality control
  • Utilize history, revision and recall tracking to keep your teams on target and ready for inspections
Run Faster
  • Gather production data to reduce wait times and enact preventative maintenance
  • Decrease downtime on production line

Why Datix?

We credit our 25 years of success in building customized enterprise software solutions to our passion for transforming business through software. Our team of certified ERP, CRM, and eCommerce experts communicate closely with our clients and work with the best software vendors to provide the solutions that will take your business to the next level. That’s the Datix Difference: our commitment to innovation and end-to-end assistance. It’s no wonder businesses seek our consultants for on-time, on-budget solutions.

Delivering premium software solutions for A&D manufacturers

Datix specializes in understanding A&D business processes and leveraging that knowledge towards software that can transform your organization.

Email us with any inquiries, we would be happy to answer your questions.