CRM ERP Integration Architecture: Scalability

When it comes to software integration architecture, designing for scalability is key. As we talked about in our last integration architecture blog, an integration needs to last for the long term. If your system breaks every time there is a software upgrade or if it begins to lag as you process more records, then you don’t have a scalable solution for your organization to operate out of one system.

The integration architecture of Unity: Integration by Datix was designed with scalability in mind. Here are a few ways scalability was embedded into Unity.

Compliant with Business Rules

Your integration should make your software do more for your business, not less. Some integrations cause problems with your business processes because they bypass your business layers. This means that even if your administrators set up specific rules for things like data entry, the integration effectively removes these from your system.

Fortunately, some integrations are built on top of API so your system always complies with your current business rules. Unity keeps business rules intact and applies updates and changes on top of the business layer. You can change your business rules as your company grows and our system will still align with them. This is just one way we made Unity scalable for growing organizations. Discover what Unity can do for you.

Record Processing Volume

You don’t want to invest money and time in an integration that starts to lag when you need to process more records. In addition, the integration architecture should be set up to detect record changes, process them, and find records with issues. Unity is a resilient integration engine, meaning it consistently detects changes.

We set up Unity to be optimized for the specific software you use. For instance, Salesforce is designed to maintain uptime, so it has API limits in place for its editions. Unity takes advantage of batch record processing to stay comfortably within API limits (unlike integrations that only update one record at a time). Here’s another example: for some software platforms, throttling becomes extremely important. We ensure that your Unity integration is optimized to give you whatever you need, whether that’s batch processing, API throttling, or something else.

Unity was designed to maximize, but not overwhelm, platforms to run consistently. Our application has already processed over 350 million records, so you never need to worry about whether it can grow with your business. Learn more about a Unity integration.


For some integrations, everything works, but only if your software stays exactly as it is. Of course, software and your needs will constantly evolve, so these integrations repeatedly have challenges whenever there is a software change.

Whether it’s an update or a full-on software upgrade, the Unity Support Team has your back. Unity is fully managed for you, meaning that we provide automatic support for upgrades. Unity’s architecture allows upgrades to be a nonevent for our clients. With many other integrations, upgrades are incredibly detrimental because some records get missed during the transfer, problems occur but become hidden, basic workflows stop functioning, or the integration just stops working altogether. In these scenarios, getting an upgrade effectively causes you to rethink your integration from scratch. Unity, in contrast, was designed to ensure that upgrades are not a rewrite of the integration solution.

Let our team take care of upgrades, day-to-day monitoring, and any issue resolution you need for you. Discover what it means to be supported by the Unity Support Team.

Wrap Up

An ERP integration or any other software integration must be scalable in order to be effective. If scalability is an afterthought instead of being a major consideration in the integration architecture, then it is likely the application won’t deliver in the long run. Talk to our experts about gaining a scalable integration with Unity.

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