What to Do if your Existing Integration is Awful

A good integration makes your life easier, but poorly built integrations introduce additional chaos into your organization. Subpar integrations create a nightmare of lagging, crashes, and scalability headaches. There are many problems that come with bad integrations, but with a reliable solution like Unity: Integration by Datix you can achieve the wins you’re missing and put your business back on track.

Data is Untrustworthy Because of Lag

When companies look to an integration, it is usually because they want to streamline and have the right information at their fingertips by having each user operating out of one system. With one system, you gain a single source of truth for information without tedious and error-prone duplicate data entry.

However, users quickly lose trust in half-baked integrations. When an integration takes forever for data to transfer from one software platform to another, then your teams won’t have the information they need. “Stale” data causes unnecessary errors, confusion, and frustration for both your staff and your customers.

Lagging integration has disastrous results for manufacturers. Unity: Integration by Datix was built to allow fast, seamless data transfer between platforms. We designed Unity’s integration architecture with best-of-breed platforms in mind like Infor CloudSuite Industrial, Epicor® ERP, Salesforce, and Dynamics 365. With Unity, you have up-to-date information in your system within moments, so you never need to worry about stale data.

When you have reliable information in an instant, you can begin gaining the benefits of operating out of one system. You have 360-degree traceability with zero dual data entry. You can automate system notifications so that teams react quickly and confidently. Your processes, including order fulfillment, become consistent with accurate and timely data. Operate out of one system with Unity.


The worst integrations are the ones that appear to work, until they don’t. At the worst possible moment, right when you are at your busiest, the integration will lag or crash to the point of being unusable and throw processes into disorder. These integrations simply are not designed to scale, so major issues surface during high-demand seasons or as your company starts to expand.

Fortunately, Unity is built to scale with a proven track record. Unity was designed to maximize, but not overwhelm, platforms to run consistently. Our application has already processed over 350 million records, so you never need to worry about whether it can grow with your business.

We created Unity to be optimized to scale for the specific software you use. For instance, Salesforce enforces API limits for integrations. Unity takes advantage of batch record processing to stay comfortably within API limits (unlike integrations that only update one record at a time).

Scalability is not just about transaction volume. Businesses also scale by optimizing departmental processes. As organizational changes are rolled out, departments need to adjust software platforms accordingly. Some integrations bypass critical business logic, which leads to a breakdown of newly introduced processes. With Unity, this isn’t an issue. Unity keeps business rules intact and works in harmony with business logic updates. Discover what Unity can do for you.

Integration is Draining Time and Energy

An ERP integration is supposed to save your teams time and energy by eliminating dual data entry. Unfortunately, some integrations require substantial effort from IT to remain operational. Overseeing data transfers, managing updates and upgrades, and troubleshooting issues can take a significant amount of time. Instead of focusing on the priority work that will move your organization forward, IT is stuck spending their time on integration maintenance.

With Unity, our Unity Support Team takes care of everything, including daily monitoring, upgrades, and ensuring that your software continues to grow along with your business. We even include our own Unity updates to make sure that our solution remains the best solution on the market.

When issues do arise, our integration experts identify and resolve problems quickly. Our team can fix most problems without requiring your assistance, so you can focus on taking care of your customers. We want to support you, so you can always talk to us directly by phone or email at no extra charge. In fact, 100% of clients said our team cares about their account and their success with Unity when surveyed! Talk to the Unity Support Team about your needs.

Wrap Up

While the market is flooded with problematic integrations, you don’t have to settle for one of them. Unity allows you to operate out of one system and scale your business with a fully managed integration. Take the next step for your organization by creating a single source of truth through Unity.

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