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Implementing an Infor ERP is exciting. However, if you want to get the full benefit of your ERP, you need to connect it to your other software. When software remains disconnected, no one has the data they need, orders can’t be fulfilled on time, and it is nearly impossible to deliver on the promises you make to customers. An Infor ERP can dramatically improve your operations, but with an ERP integration, you can take your organization to the next level.

Work Smarter

Organizations constantly need to make decisions. Of these, even the smallest ones like deciding when to restock inventory can have a major impact on your fulfillment consistency, brand reputation, and overall success. Company decisions shouldn’t be made blindly. With Unity: Integration by Datix, you gain a single source of truth, allowing you to see the critical data necessary to move forward.

With an Infor ERP integration, you will have access to Infor’s sophisticated ERP tools like forecasting, and quoting calculators, but these can be combined with CRM tools like customer geographic metrics. In the restock inventory scenario, connected systems allow you to better forecast inventory needs. Your ERP will showcase your current inventory demands while your CRM will indicate what may be coming down the pipeline from new clients. Additionally, 360-degree visibility of operations makes it clear what your company is doing well and where you can improve.

By having the data to make informed decisions, your company will grow. When it does, Unity is there to support you. Our integration is fully scalable, so you never need to worry about lag or system crashes from too much data transfer. Unity has a has already processed over 350 million records, meaning you will never need to worry about your software holding you back. Discover what Unity can do for you.

Work Better

Convoluted business processes confuse workers, slow down operations, and lead to more errors. Instead of requiring employees to switch between software applications, an integration allows your teams to use their familiar platform while operating out of one system. Because everyone can see the same data, workflows become far simpler. They can incorporate automated reminders, alert staff if key tracking data deviates outside of expected norms and send out notifications on project updates.

If you want the benefits of an integration but don’t know how to execute one, we can help. Unity is fully managed for you, so our team takes care of daily monitoring, data transfer, software updates and providing rapid support. Let Datix take care of your integration

Work Faster

Time is a precious commodity. With Unity, you can save time by eliminating dual data entry. Not only will your team have the information they need at their fingertips, but the data will be more reliable because manual entry is notoriously error prone.

Unity gives organizations a single source of truth so that each user can always find the information they need. Instead of hunting through old reports or asking different departments for answers, you always know exactly where to look. A survey of SMB Unity clients indicated that Unity saved their organizations, on average, almost 50 phone calls, 500 emails, and approximately 50 hours of work every month!

Finding information quickly allows your entire organization to move faster. For instance, Sales will be able to give quotes to customers within moments, rather than having to wait to connect with Engineering. It is also far easier to onboard new employees because they can work out of the right platform interface while operating out one on system. Find out what you can do with a single source of truth.

Wrap Up

With an Infor ERP integration, you have the capacity to strengthen customer relationships, execute orders smoothly, and take the next steps to grow your business. Don’t wait to take your organization to the next level.

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