What’s Next After Your ERP Implementation

Rolling out a successful ERP implementation is a huge accomplishment. Your team will grow familiar with the system, increasing efficiency, uptimes, and profits. You should see changes in your organization everywhere as departments work better together, customers are receiving orders sooner than expected, and Sales is able to close more deals.

After so many positive outcomes, you may be tempted to simply enjoy the present and stop thinking about what comes next. While it is good to recognize the progress your team has made through their ERP implementation, now is actually the best time to set new and ambitious goals for the future. After all, you have a system that supports you, so anything is possible.

CIP: Continuous Improvement Plans

Rather than staying static, the best companies strive to keep improving quarter after quarter.

You and your ERP partner can create a Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) so that your business has a formalized system to keep the positive momentum going. This can include a backlog of software improvements that will make your system work even better.

Scaling for the Future

Your ERP is allowing your business to reach new heights. But when you get to the next level, will you be able to scale? A core part of a CIP is thinking ahead so that you don’t lose your efficiency as your company takes in more business and expands. Whether you are adding new staff, new facilities, or even new geographic territories, you will have a roadmap. Instead of experiencing system lag or crashes, your software will be able to keep up with the increased volume.

How to Approach CIP

Continuous improvement is attainable, but for best results, you need an expert. A trusted ERP partner has the expertise to support you in executing even better than you do now, both through suggesting enhancements and ways to overcome the challenges that come with growth. At Datix, CIP isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Like with all of our software solutions, we take a business-first approach with each of our clients so that we only recommend what makes sense for your business. Discover what a CIP plan means from Datix.

Wrap Up

The best companies seek greatness, and when they reach it, they strive even higher. With a Datix CIP, we’ll take you beyond simply a successful implementation. Your operations will their best ever, year after year and our team will support you every step of the way. As a one-stop shop, we can support your CIP with everything from hosting to integration and beyond.

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