Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP)

Scale your software with your business growth. Simple.

We answered the most important question… it’s simple. Ongoing service plans are an important part of updating and expanding a system that you have outgrown. So, congratulations on your success!Ensure your systems and networks are up to date and functioning properly along side your success.

Continuous Improvement Plans For Your Business

Our supplemental Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP) are designed to make your software run as smoothly as possible even after that critical go-live date. We want your software to grow and endure your company’s evolution. Continuous improvement is a key way we can ensure that your business is leveraging your enterprise implementation or integration to cut more costs and increase revenue every day. With the help of a CIP, you can prevent cost run-over which is one of the most common enterprise project challenges. You’ll know exactly where to allocate investment, and the exact results you can expect from those decisions.

Businesses continually utilize Datix’s Continuous Improvement Plans because it’s challenging to do everything your company wants to do during a software implementation. Tasks and customizations can pile up and potentially delay your project timeline, which means that many important system optimizations are pushed to post go-live. Continuous improvement plans are the key to growth because they allow you to manage cash flow and plan the rollout of these enhancements and customizations even after your system has gone live. This includes things like system improvements, the development of new reports, and the automation of specific processes.

Get the Most Out of Your Continuous Improvement Plan

When you want to fully utilize your ERP system, our consultants are able to walk you through your specific use cases and functionalities that you will be using everyday. If you need customization or personalization, our developers understand the ins and outs of  back-end software, and can complete those customizations exactly to your specification. Furthermore, if your employees have additional questions, we are on-call and are available to meet face to face whenever you need additional trouble-shooting. Get priority access to all Datix consultants and developers as needed. You will always have a dedicated account manager and front line support for implementation and process questions. We will also take care of the latest service packs and upgrades that are released for your software.

Service Plans that Fit Your Business

If you would like more help with continuous improvement plan projects, we have your solution. We will help you plan, budget and implement any internally driven company improvement. When you have an issue with ERP, we will efficiently handle those support tickets. Ask us which plan works best for you. We offer three levels of continued maintenance. Our top two levels even include project discounts so that you can get the best service for your company at a reasonable price. The reason we created these plans is because we care about your agility as a company. When you want to improve, we want to ensure your software functions accordingly.

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