Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software Solutions for Your Business

No two businesses are alike. Simply put, the out-of-the-box functionality offered by the majority of enterprise software solutions won’t be enough to meet the complex and unique business challenges your company faces today. That’s why Datix builds customized, adaptable solutions for the specific problems your business faces and can tailor your enterprise software especially for you.

We can help with Custom Software Solutions such as:

  • Infor and Epicor® ERP enhancements
  • CRM custom fields, mapping, and integration
  • Standalone applications
  • Custom build-outs
  • Reporting and metric tracking
  • Custom dashboards
  • eCommerce site development
  • Or any other project that produces new value and efficiency

Datix has the tools to take you from disorganized to fully optimized. The secret: relying on tried and true experts for your custom software solutions. Our team members have real experience solving complex problems for some of the world’s top organizations.

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Datix Specializes in Custom Software Solutions

Since 1997, Datix has designed and built software for leading companies in the manufacturing, services, and distribution industries. By working directly with clients to document and understand workflow, we provide solutions to fit the needs of the business.

Your business is unique. You want software designed for your business. Customization is usually easier and more affordable than you might think. How long are you going to let generic solutions hold back your business processes and technology solutions? Contact us today. We’re happy to provide you with designing custom software solutions that fit your business.

Datix has been building enterprise-based custom software solutions for businesses for almost 20 years. We specialize in helping manufacturers, distribution and eCommerce industries transform their business through software.

Mobile Solutions for Enterprise Challenges

A properly planned and executed mobile technology strategy can boost your manufacturing firm’s efficiency, customer responsiveness, and ability to manage key costs to new heights. But for most organizations, especially those that have been in operation before the proliferation of mobile technology, the challenge is in knowing where to start, and the path forward. Your company likely wants to invest in mobile solutions that are efficient, affordable, and executable. With more than a decade of experience in bringing enterprise mobile solutions to customers, Datix delivers the most comprehensive mobile strategy and implementation for ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and other enterprise solutions. We will make it easy, and you will know for certain that our mobile solution will meet your needs and work properly before ever going live.

Datix’s Approach to Mobile: Accessibility

We want to ensure that mobile is accessible in a number of ways.

First, we feel mobile technology and its benefits can be leveraged by firms of all sizes—not just the giants. Whether your company employs a small sales staff or runs multiple manufacturing facilities, there’s a way your company can quickly benefit from a modern mobile strategy. We’ll help you figure out how to make mobile work for your business goals and budget.

Our goal is to make the technology and the data it delivers accessible to your most important resource: your employees. We will collaborate with you to provide the technology and plan that best fits their skills, adoption capabilities, roles and pain points.

Finally, Datix will ensure you have access to incremental value and growth as your company evolves. This might mean that we recommend a phased approach to layering in technology or providing the most flexible and scalable plan. We have your future in mind, and it’s a future that belongs to your company.

Making an Impact: From Initiation to Implementation

First, Datix will help select the most valuable, impactful mobile strategy and solution for your manufacturing organization. Then, we walk you through our process for the rapid development, implementation and customization of mobile tools and applications.

Mobile Strategy and Process

Datix guides companies through the steps of evaluating its systems, processes and data and in order to develop robust mobile goals and strategy.

  • Analysis of your company’s industry, business strategy, and requirements
  • Evaluation of existing infrastructure, network security, and business data
  • Development of mobile goals, strategy, and plan
  • Comprehensive mobile app development plan

Datix Mobile App Development

Datix sets you up to reach your mobile goals. By keeping mobile solutions in mind from the project start, we are able to develop the best mobile apps tailored to your business processes. Datix has you covered throughout the development process with:

  • Accelerated development
  • Optimal visualization
  • Customized solutions available

Mobile Implementation and the Datix Process

We have extensive experience in implementing mobile capability on a variety of devices and business settings. Datix guides your manufacturing firm to select the best options for hardware, software, support, and device management.

Prior to implementation, the specialized Datix process calls for a discovery phase. Using process maps and other assessment tools, we determine which software modules and MES you currently employ, and how to best incorporate mobile at every touchpoint. After the hardware is selected, we conduct pilots in which mobile applications and other devices—such as handheld scanners—are used in real scenarios.

Once pilots are completed, we work with you to ensure that data from mobile devices flows to your ERP or other enterprise software system.

Post go-live support includes training in best practices and additional system fine-tuning to optimize performance so that we can ensure your software runs as smoothly as the day it first went live!

Datix is ready to work together as you transition into the mobile-enabled future. Contact us now!