Maximizing ROI with CloudSuite Industrial

With a comprehensive ERP like CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) from Infor, there are countless possibilities for improving your organization. However, many manufacturers only use the platform to accomplish a few objectives and then stop looking for further ways to improve. Don’t leave money on the table by only using a fraction of your CSI software’s potential.   

Execute Perfect Order Fulfillment

Perfect order fulfillment, especially fast perfect order fulfillment, sounds like an impossible dream. That’s because there are a lot of pieces involved: you need to be working from accurate data, start new jobs quickly, and production schedules need to accommodate all of your customers’ orders.

Let’s address how CSI can resolve these issues one at a time. As an enterprise system, CSI is the central place for business data, so your teams will know exactly where to look to find order information. A lot of this information can be added automatically through tools like barcode scanners, so your data is safe from human error and much faster to input. By setting up automated alerts, you can immediately notify production when a new order comes in so they can add it to the schedule. When it comes to creating and executing those schedules, an ERP makes it simple to see everything that needs to be done, the different timelines for each, and allows you to coordinate production efforts to support multiple customers. An ERP assists with every aspect of order fulfillment, so you deliver perfectly executed orders every time.

As a one-stop shop and Infor partner, Datix knows how to maximize CSI. After completing thousands of ERP solutions, we know what it takes to bring businesses to the next level. Learn more about our Infor CloudSuite consulting

Improved Productivity

CSI offers significant productivity boosts. Features like CSI’s automation tools and work order capabilities increase overall productivity. Workers can also access the ERP from laptops, tablets or mobile devices, meaning that they always have access to real-time data at their fingertips.

With this level of data visibility, it becomes simple to see the bottlenecks in your production line. These can be eliminated by standardizing and streamline your business processes with business process management. CSI can be set up to require specific methods for inputting information, such as requiring fields, requiring that a field only allow numbers within a certain range, and following a specific prebuilt checklist for tasks like inspecting products. All employees need to complete tasks the same way, which reduces confusion and makes onboarding new workers much faster.

These are just a few of the ways CSI can improve efficiency for manufacturers, so make sure to talk to a trusted ERP consultant like Datix to get the most out of your system. We take a business-first approach with each of our clients by learning how they operate and recommending tailored advice for taking their organization to the next level. Talk to our CSI experts.

Save Money

Any investment into your company’s resources costs money, but CSI is unique in that it can bring organizations significant savings when properly implemented. Consider some of the biggest costs to manufacturers:

  • Labor
  • Inventory management

For managing existing employees, it is important to identify priority work. You can automate tedious manual tasks like recording direct and indirect labor, collecting machine hours, and issuing materials to jobs. By taking advantage of CSI’s real-time data transparency, you can also see your precise labor needs for different departments. Frequently, manufacturers misallocate their labor so that their skilled workers are spending their time on the wrong tasks, instead of focusing on high priority work. This may mean training, transferring, or hiring workers with specific skillsets so that you have the staff necessary to complete critical tasks.

When it comes to hiring, it is critical to accurately understand what skilled workers you need now and which workers you will need in the future. You can use forecasting to estimate your labor needs for upcoming months or years based on your anticipated job predictions. With the right people in the right seats, you can schedule your human resources effectively today and as your business takes on more business.

Inventory management also becomes far easier when information is visible in CSI. Your warehouses can utilize First-In-First-Out principles to avoid allowing materials to expire. You can see what you will need as items run low. Manufacturers waste countless dollars rush ordering items that could have been purchased in advance. To prevent this from happening, you can create a restocking schedule on historical data and upcoming jobs, so you never run out of critical inventory.

CSI can save your organization money, but it needs to be implemented correctly to maximize these savings. As ERP experts, it’s our business to drive results for your company. We will support you throughout every step of your ERP journey, from the planning to the implementation to training and beyond.

Wrap Up

If your software is only operating at half its potential, then the same applies to your business. Don’t let your CSI ERP go to waste.

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