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Datix is American’s trusted source for BPM services and professional IT solutions. For over 25 years, we’ve built a tradition of getting customers the products and services they need. Datix offers 12 solutions from trusted venders, plus online features and start-to-finish support that lets customers directly interact and manage their integrated solutions wherever they are. We back this up with up-to-date reports and technical support from experts with deep knowledge of ERP systems, CRM tools, managed hosting, and disaster recovery cloud solutions.

Our passion to Be the Best with the Best led us to our mission: provide quality, enterprise level software solutions and services for manufacturers & complex distributors to transform their business. Today, as a long-serving enterprise software consulting firm, we remain committed to sustainability every step of the way. By offering only software with bottom-line benefits and services operating with scaleable improvement, we’re living our promise to our clients, every day.

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