Our Methodology

Sophisticated but Simple Solutions

Our company culture has always been rooted in quality software development and how these solutions are developed to help our clients discover a new level of potential.

Here’s to the problem-solvers who don’t see challenges but a chance to prove their own know-how by creating business opportunity. Those moments define, shape, and mold us into the organization we are today. Fueled and inspired by your resolve, Datix designs, builds, and develops integrated multi-functional solutions to keep you moving. Evolving. Doing. And Transforming.

For those moments when we confront something and decide that we can overcome it, fix it, and create competitive advantage, we believe that every problem has a solution and that every solution is a moment where we prove that we can rise to the occasion.

Datix Made

Over the past 25 years, we’ve seen our company evolve from delivering strictly functionality, utilities, and benefits, to the helping companies achieve wholistic continuous improvement of operations and increasing the value our clients provide for their consumers. It’s not in the ability to turn a screw or assemble a product – it’s really about the ability to tackle what’s in front of you, to keep operations moving forward no matter what, to know that you can solve that problem more quickly with software.


Founded in 1997, Datix has equipped hundreds of businesses to tackle the expected and unexpected, resulting in everyday fixes and save-the-day moments.


We believe the best solution becomes one with your business. So, we design, optimize, and evolve each feature of Unity for seamless functionality.


Each Datix solution is built and developed to perform from day one and last a lifetime of use. And if anything should happen, we have your back no matter what.

It’s not always the capability of the solution, but the best practice for your business. Your employees, integrations, requirements, and your business strategy all need to align to create a thriving system environment. 

Should you use out-of-the-box solutions? Does a custom solution make more sense for your business? Let us be your business process expert.

Our team of specialized consultants and developers make it looks easy to enable our manufacturing and distribution end users with the success they expect after their project. 

Our commitment to bolstering operational capabilities has fueled hundreds of manufacturers and distributors to become powerhouses in their industry. The solutions provided by Datix continue to drive effortless growth through our business centric methodology. 

Every manufacturing and distribution industry segment has its own nuances to consider. Datix knows your business and adheres to today’s best practices so you can deliver tangible value to your customers.


We remain disciplined throughout the whole project and ensure our process is followed to the letter–protecting your assets, resources, and time.

Based on Reality:

We discover and plan reasonable goals that act as a step-by-step map to success, resulting in a robust use case catalog, a document that becomes the backbone of the project’s resource allocation, data collection, engagement timing, QA, training, and more.

Based on Realistic Estimates:

Our estimates encompass the analysis, planning, execution, testing, and support that will deliver the value of an enterprise system, and we plan for the unexpected, so there’s a budget that addresses the inevitable unknowns.

Reduces Project Risk:

We build project contingency into estimates, employee training, weekly status reports, etc., and we’re constantly monitoring and mitigating risks.

Creates Transparency:

We encourage regular, open communication to hold everyone in the partnership accountable and update stakeholders on the progress.

Builds a Partnership: 

We promote openness, transparency, and communication to bring vital knowledge, experience, and critical thinking to the implementation.

Trackable and Measurable: 

We use the use case catalog as the framework for project success, continual monitoring, and transparency.

Uses only what’s needed:

We use the use case catalog approach to ensure the project has the optimum level of detail, resources, and effort required in each part of the project.

Optimizes project resources: 

We strive to be stewards of your resources by tailoring our approach to deliver the optimum amount of face-to-face engagement between periods of budget-saving offsite work.

Allows project flexibility: 

We plan for every nuance, and when the unknown, inevitably, comes up, the transparency and flexibility of our process allows for scope changes and resource reallocation at your discretion.

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