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Open-Source eCommerce for Modern Enterprise

The acceleration of the need and maturity of eCommerce over the course of 2020 was hard to ignore.

Post-Pandemic trends show that these consumption habits are here to stay and have snowballed into 2022. As a result, modern industrial manufacturers and value-added distributors have been taking advantage of these new eCommerce trends for greater revenue.

Magento eCommerce supports on-premise and cloud agents, comes with unique integration features, and gives merchants the enhanced level of security for sensitive data.


Effortlessly receive, submit, and prepare B2B orders from your back-office


Preserve business logic with enhanced data transaction security


Automated product sync and extended entity support on one data system

Benefits of ERP Magento integration:





Datix experts compiled an eBook for you to see all available features, options, and benefits of a premium payments portal all in one handout to help you on your path to choosing the right solution for you. 

Magento Implementation That Works for Your Business

Are you still taking phone orders from clients? Are you still spending way too much money on paper catalogs that are just getting pushed aside before they ever reach potential customers? Too many manufacturers still rely on these outdated methods and are missing out on countless business opportunities. It’s time you got an online store. It is easier to set up than you think, when you use the eCommerce platform Magento.

Magento implementation can open whole new markets and potential growth for your manufacturing company. That’s why Datix has partnered with them to help our customers implement and build their own eCommerce solutions. We have a team of developers and consultants that can turn your catalog—however extensive—into an eye-catching and easy to navigate online store.

Magento for Your Manufacturing and Distribution Business

As an eCommerce platform, Magento is uniquely built to be highly customizable and thus amenable to the unique needs a manufacturer might have from online stores. For example, you may need to have customizable parts or groups of items that are usually sold together, like plumbing pipes and connectors. Magento’s Enterprise Edition allows you to turn these needs into eCommerce experiences for your customers, including suggested items, options for customization, and discounts for loyal customers.

With Magento, a manufacturing or distribution company can deliver an integrated and customized shopping platform across any device with built-in themes, or use the platform’s unique open-source code to customize its own. Because the software uses open-source coding, it is much more flexible and easier to manipulate, as opposed to platforms like Shopify which many manufacturers can find to be too rigid. Superior content management tools can also help your business enrich the customer experience with personalized content, promotions, and pricing. What’s more, an online catalog will make it easier for potential clients to find your products through a Google search or online social promotion. Throw away that heavy manual, start saving on paper, and get eCommerce for your manufacturing business.

Magento and Epicor® ERP Integration

If you’re considering a Magento implementation or already have an instance, then integration with your Epicor® ERP is critical. It might seem reasonable to have an employee responsible for collecting sales orders from an online store and then entering them into Epicor® Kinetic ERP. However, as businesses grow larger, that notion becomes ridiculous. By not integrating your Magento and Epicor® ERP software, you introduce human error in your sales cycle. What if a salesperson enters the wrong numbers, or product, from an order into Epicor® ERP? How will your online site know when to advertise that a certain product is low or out of stock if Magento doesn’t have access to inventory data? Quite simply: eCommerce and ERP integration is a must.

Magento to Epicor® Integration Experts

Often, bringing in outside expertise is the best scenario here for small-to-midsize businesses that may not have all the resources required to carry out a successful Magento implementation and Epicor® Kinetic ERP integration. The knowledge required to build a flexible, functioning solution, not just a data exchange isn’t common. That’s where a team of software integration experts like those at Datix comes in. We’ve pre-built Unity, a proven integration platform for a wide range of enterprise software, including Magento and Epicor® Kinetic ERP. Unity can do all of this without requiring any coding or development knowledge on your end.

Datix can model your business’ unique processes and can translate those seamlessly into Unity. We have a team that can ask the right questions: Which fields do you need to sync? Will those syncs be bidirectional or one way, and how often will that communication happen? For example, companies dealing with a large volume of sales orders and processing mountains of delivery requests will need to set up very specific locations and times for pushing sales orders to the shop floor real-time updating will simply overload the back office. However, if you’re a smaller company that relies on fast response and delivery times, you’ll want the sync times to be shorter. Unity can do all of this, without any coding required on your business’ end—the possibility to support a wide range of business functions already exists in the platform!

If you are interested in Magento for your manufacturing or distribution business and/or integrating Magento with your ERP software, let Datix help! Fill out the form above to get more information about our Magento services or give us a phone call. We’ll be in touch with you A.S.A.P. to schedule a consultation and start getting to know your business better!

Integrate eCommerce With Datix

If you are a manufacturer running ERP and Magento, or you already use one and are planning implementing the other, integration is a must. When you have the two different platforms connected, your businesses will be able to serve your clients better than ever. Think real-time processing of sales orders in your ERP, and accurate production and delivery info straight from the shop floor to your customers. Your ERP will also have access to vital customer information like ship-to locations, credit information and pricing tier. Imagine trying to run your business efficiently by manually transferring all the information between systems!

Unity Integration

With the help of integration platforms like the kind Datix has built using Scribe technology, the e-commerce software can actually be seamlessly integrated with a pre-existing ERP system like Epicor. After a hassle (and coding) free integration process, your e-commerce and ERP software will be able to sync crucial fields like customers, quotes and orders in real time. You won’t have to worry about getting online orders straight through to production lines, or manually processing returns and inventory. Taking on, and integrating, e-commerce with your manufacturing software doesn’t have to be a headache at all—it can actually improve the way your front and back offices interact.

Datix has extensive experience with Magento integrations.

ecommerce For Manufacturing

At Datix, we specialize in Magento implementations for manufacturers.
Online shopping, ordering and customization can make life easier both for producer and customers. E-commerce will shorten every stage of the manufacturing buying cycle and facilitate interactions between the shop floor, the sales office and the customer’s business. If you’re a manufacturer, it’s in your best interests to hop on the trend now ahead of your competitors and impress both current and potential customers!

Innovative Online Commerce

Magento’s Enterprise Edition allows businesses to create unique and powerful E-commerce experiences. You can deliver an integrated and customized shopping platform across any device with built-in themes, or use the open source code to customize your own. Superior content management tools can enrich customer experience with personalized content, promotions and pricing.

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