Technology Solutions for distributors

Whether your business is picking, packing, shipping, or order processing, the bottom line is that the distinction between supplier and distributor has become blurred.

Smart wholesaler organizations are looking for ways to create advantages in their complex supply chains, enhance their tangible value, and separate from the competition with better performance, price, and product.

Modern enterprise resource management (ERP) systems, related software and infrastructure solutions offer advanced tools to achieve these objectives and deliver tangible value to your customers.

Inventory Management

Improve insight into inventory levels, job costs, lot tracking (and more), enable better decisions on pricing, purchasing, and storage.

ecommerce enhancement

Attract and retain customers with consumer-like portals, automated reordering, AR/AP, and managed cloud security tools.

supply chain management

Boost efficiency and visibility from purchase to warehouse to delivery, data integration with partners, and transparent dependent processes.

customer service improvement

Flexible tools offer detailed insights, smart stock automations, fast delivery, improved execution and customer satisfaction.

Distribution ERP and CRM Software Solutions

Whether your business is picking, packing, shipping, or order processing with fulfillment services, choosing the right ERP solution with the tools you need is critical. Vendor management, inventory management, human capital management are only a few of the necessary ERP tools needed. The best ERP solution for value-added distributors will provide the ability to track and record every step of the supply chain, eliminate labor-intensive data entry with automation, and will rapidly respond to emerging issues with a 360 degree view of the enterprise as a whole.

With distributors, we always make sure that our solutions offer a wide variety of inventory management modules. Forecasting tools use an intuitive system of weighted averages, standard reports, graphical views, and user-defined formulas to identify a unique demand pattern of each material in-house. Because a manufacturer’s production and distribution volume is heavily dictated by consumer demand, these types of tools can safeguard processing plants from excess waste with production and store business intelligence (BI).

Datix specializes in working with distribution businesses and building sophisticated software solutions tailored to their needs. We employ certified experts with real industry experience who listen to your strengths and challenges to provide you with a comprehensive software solution. We take projects from inception to completion and beyond, rescued struggling businesses, provided continuous support for under-manned operations and everything in between.



Software selection and implementation processes often present their own unique challenges. To help you navigate your business transformation, Datix experts compiled an eBook for distributors to see a roadmap for upgrading your ERP.

Why Datix?

We credit our 25 years of success in building customized enterprise software solutions to our passion for transforming business through software. Our team of certified ERP, CRM, and eCommerce experts communicate closely with our clients and work with the best software vendors to provide the solutions that will take your business to the next level. That’s the Datix difference: our commitment to innovation and end-to-end assistance. It’s no wonder businesses seek our consultants for on-time, on-budget solutions.

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