Solutions for manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is extraordinarily diverse and today’s companies face challenges from more complex business models: Global competition increases, New technologies quickly take over, Resources are more expensive and harder to manage, Profit margins are decreasing.

Forward-thinking manufacturing organizations are attacking these challenges with ERP technologies for ways to capture data, analyze critical process efficiencies, and create an advantage with production and operational performance.

Specialized manufacturing ERP software offer advanced tools to achieve these objectives and deliver tangible value to your customers.

Top Solutions for Manufacturers

Production Management

Improved insight into inventory levels, job costing, lot tracking (and more), enables agility to optimize workforce management processes.

Business Intelligence & Forecasting

Detailed analytical capabilities allow sophisticated demand predictions, smart stock scheduling, and speed to management decision.

supply chain modernization

Effectively manage large, complex global supply chains efficiently and finesse logistics from purchase to warehouse to production.

cybersecurity & Cloud hosting

Comprehensive data backup, disaster recovery, and cloud security management for high-level enterprise cloud security protection.

Improved Planning and Innovation

Infor products support over 68,000 professional organizations worldwide and at its centerpiece stands Syteline on-prem ERP and Cloudsuite Industrial cloud ERP

Datix provides Infor implementation, custom data integration and support for Infor software. Our Infor-certified consultants have harnessed this powerful resource management tool to help its user achieve tangible value. 

Salesforce Works For Your Business

As the world’s largest provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce makes it easy for companies to access cloud-based social and mobile CRM functions. The world’s leader in enterprise cloud computing helps 100,000 customers and counting. Businesses often come to us wondering if Salesforce is right for their business, and how they can get the most out of the software. If your business has a sophisticated sales process, a sales team reliant on mobile devices and data there is a very good chance that Salesforce can greatly benefit your organization. However, understanding why and how to achieve the best results from the software is key. We specialize in helping clients do exactly that!

Premier ERP Integration Solution

Unity Integration by Datix is a pre-built integration application that allows organizations to seamlessly connect separate enterprise software to work as one system. 

Get a data integration capabilities that passes information between instantly without dual-entries.

A Comprehensive Data Warehouse

This comprehensive Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting solution is completely integrated with your Infor ERP instance to help you maximize the value of your ERP data. Jet Analytics removes the complexity of reporting. Users can easily set up reports and dashboards through their Excel or Microsoft Power BI interfaces. Simple drag-and-drop features enable your business to report against large Infor databases without hassle. Jet Analytics empowers users to quickly create dynamic reports, so they always have access to critical insights.

Disaster Recovery with EverSafe! logo

Backup and Disaster Recovery

A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution, EverSafe! protects your business data, whether you host it on-premises or decide to have managed cloud security. EverSafe! has the ability to store terabytes of data in two bi-coastal data centers, for maximum enterprise cloud security. 

Cloud Computing Platform

Cloud computing makes enterprise software easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes to acquire. However, not all cloud platforms are created equal. The leader in cloud technology is Microsoft Azure. Azure offers fast performance, 24/7 global support, and 99.95% SLA without sacrificing the flexibility of an on-premises solution. Unlike software as a service (SaaS) platform, Azure allows businesses to follow their own software upgrade schedule. Datix will help you deploy or migrate your solution to the cloud and also provide on-going support to ensure you’re getting the most from your software.

Manufacturing Software Solutions

Manufacturers continuously feel the pressure of competition, costs, and compliance. Producing innovative products while keeping costs down and profits up is no easy task. Software working to its highest potential is not something manufacturers should have to worry about. By teaming up with expert consultants, manufacturers can lighten a significant burden.

Datix offers pre-built integration tools designed to connect an array of enterprise software systems into a single source of truth. With the brightest experts in the manufacturing software industry at your disposal, you receive superior service at every stage of your software journey. Quite simply, we implement your software around your business like no one else can.

Services For Manufacturing Sectors


We apply today’s best practices, leverage our industry expertise, and utilize our proven methodology to deliver transformative business advice. 

Custom Software Solutions

We combine industry best practices, project management expertise, and our proven methodology to provide enterprise software enhancements while mitigated risk.

Business Process Improvement

We deep-dive into understanding your unique business needs while mapping processes and gauging efficiencies to determine the best solution for you. 

Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP)

As your business grows and expands, we build upon your existing system to unlock new capabilities that will sustain process improvements and maximize the benefits of your ERP solution.

manufacturing erp software implementation plan

ERP For Manufacturers

Software selection and implementation processes often present their own unique challenges. To help you navigate trouble on your journey to business transformation, Datix experts compiled an eBook for manufacturers to see all available options, no matter which path you choose.

Manufacturing Industries

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

Datix is used by thousands of companies around the world, and each solution we implement goes beyond traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) to provide financial management, product management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and more.

Datix will help you implement and maintain new Infor based ERP and CRM software solutions. We will also help you manage current Epicor® based software solutions. Our goal is to extend the value of your software while guiding you through the entire process from start to completion. The industries we commonly serve include:

In the constantly evolving market of aerospace and defense, creating innovative products while keeping costs down, raising profits, and complying with strict requirements from both clients and the government requires a trustworthy system to comprehensively manage business processes. At Datix, we can help you build a secure, flexible, and reliable enterprise software system that you can depend on.


Our aerospace and defense ERP and CRM software solutions will help your business:

Align Systems
  • Enforce lean production principles with automation and waste reduction modules
  • Monitor, in real-time, your process and production capacities with efficient manufacturing execution systems
More Operational Control
  • Control every aspect of your internal logistics with an integrated supply chain management system that includes closer collaboration with suppliers and distributors
  • Trace your products from shop floor to store floor—with the ability to attach barcodes to items to maintain quality control
Best ERP for Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Gather production data to reduce wait times and enact preventative maintenance

Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive manufacturing industry must constantly readjust and adapt to the global pace of growth. From detailed inventories, demographic shifts, and in-vehicle component technological advancements, automotive manufacturing ERP needs to help companies manage all the necessary processes and changes from a single, robust platform.

Infor CloudSuite Automotive offers continuous accessibility and out-of-the-box functionality to support the outsourcing of production, development of new entities, and joint venture formation. Infor’s ERP solution will allow you to create a more agile and modern business solution through a comprehensive suite of industry-proven automotive solutions, including a core ERP combined with high-value extension applications. All of Infor’s ERP modules, including CloudSuite Automotive, are built for the cloud, giving you access to your ERP solutions from anywhere and providing real-time visibility to help your organization.

Some key functionalities and modules that Infor CloudSuite Automotive offers include:

Integrated automotive ERP Systems
  • Shop-floor scheduling
  • Lean production tools
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and complex regulatory compliance
Shop-Floor Optimization
  • Advanced procurement tools
  • Raw materials sourcing for lower costs
  • Faster product delivery
best erp for automotive industry
  • Scheduling for all processes
  • Global materials management operations guidelines (MMOG)
  • A 360° customer view with OEM profiles
  • Detailed transaction tracking tools

High Tech Electronics & Equipment Manufacturing

Perhaps more so than any other company, electronics and high-tech manufacturers face a fast-paced market that is constantly changing, requiring sophisticated innovation. To meet the competitive momentum, electronics manufacturers must have an agile ERP platform that will take on the daily route tasks of manufacturing: production line management and scheduling, waste reduction, quoting, and more. Whether your company acts as subcontractor, supplier, or finished goods manufacturer, your enterprise software needs to keep up with a global supply chain and the inevitably short shelf-life of electronic products.

High-tech and electronics manufacturers need flexible yet trusted software that enables them to meet the needs of a varied customer set with secure and high-quality products. Infor CloudSuite Industrial empowers you to do just that. The software gives you access to the accurate, up-to-date information you need to plan, source, make, and deliver products efficiently, keeping customers, executives, and shareholders happy.

Key functionalities most beneficial to electronics and high-tech manufacturers in Infor CloudSuite Industrial include:

Improved Operations Through Software
  • Streamlined production process
  • Optimized warehouse management
Increase ROI
  • Advanced planning capabilities
  • Optimized production scheduling
best erp for electronics manufacturing
  • Improved product quality

Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

Industrial machinery manufacturer customers expect machinery and equipment that provides unique capabilities, meet exacting specifications and performs with reliable precision. You must be able to steer your customers toward optimal product configurations that meet their specific needs and fall within the scope of your production capabilities. To do this, Industrial machinery manufacturers need an agile ERP platform that assists with production line management and scheduling, waste reduction, quoting, and more. Whether your company acts as subcontractor, supplier, or finished goods manufacturer, your enterprise software needs to be able to keep up with a global supply chain, expand raw material cost, and reduce labor availability.

Infor Industrial Machinery & Equipment (IM&E) solutions provide advanced functionality purpose-built for your industry. The software will help you manage complex projects, streamline production, deliver quality products, easily configure and price unique products, and more. With Infor Industrial Machinery & Equipment you can focus on meeting customer expectations and growing your business.

Infor ERP for Industrial Machinery Manufacturers allows you to:

Align Business Management Systems
  • Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Collaborate in real-time
Real-Time Data
  • Track the history of whole systems
  • Provide high-quality aftermarket service
Best ERP for machinery manufacturing
  • Drill down to components and parts
  • Improve your understanding of market demands

Measuring & Control Device Manufacturing

Measuring and controlling device manufacturing companies face a market that is fast-paced and continually seeking sophisticated innovation but also under pressure from regulatory agencies. To meet the balance between regulation and competitive momentum, measuring and controlling device manufacturers must have an agile ERP platform that will take on the daily rote tasks of manufacturing: production line management and scheduling, waste reduction, quoting, and more. Whether your company acts as a subcontractor, supplier, or finished goods manufacturer, your enterprise software needs to be able to keep with a global supply chain and the daily tasks of manufacturing so you can focus on innovation.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) is highly capable of meeting the direct needs of the measuring and controlling device manufacturing industries. The challenges that a measuring device manufacturer can face will appear at all stages of the manufacturing life cycle. Those include complex supply chains, extensive after-sales support requirements, and a competitive sales process. Infor is a leading enterprise resource planning software because it has the robust tools needed to face these challenges. The software goes beyond what you might expect from ERP to provide advanced planning and scheduling (APS), financial management, product lifecycle management, supply chain management, and more.

Key features Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) measuring and controlling device manufactures will find useful:

Integrated Systems
  • Finite capacity planning
  • Shop floor scheduling
Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Mixed-mode support
  • Role-based dashboards, metrics, and reports
Best ERP for measuring device manufacturers
  • Contextual and predictive analytics
  • Financial and operational reporting
  • Disaster recovery

Medical Device Manufacturing

The medical device manufacturing industry faces a unique set of challenges. These manufacturers must comply with some of the harshest regulations, making stringent quality management a priority in their supply chain. As part of a global industry, they require advanced functionality to maintain international transactions and keep projects on track across widespread locations. With medical products growing more complicated, businesses are struggling to strengthen their profit margins and manage complex operations. Where should medical device manufacturers turn to enhance their business processes?

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) is a comprehensive ERP software solution designed to give medical device and instrument manufacturers the control they need to meet internal and industry regulations. The software includes the manufacturing, inventory control, and quality assurance capabilities needed by companies to succeed in this industry. Users can create detailed work orders and access real-time data instantly, helping to improve the efficiency of production and decision-making. With Infor SyteLine, your company can easily track the movement of materials and parts from receipt to shipping and ensure that the products meet industry standards.

Some features medical device manufacturers will find useful when using SyteLine:

Managed System Integration
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Shop floor control
  • Lot and serial number traceability
Improved Inventory Management
  • Return material authorizations (RMAs)
  • Quality management
  • Cost Accounting
Best ERP for medical device manufacturing
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solution
  • Automated workflows
  • Material requirements planning (MRP)

Metal Fabrication

Keeping your company costs down and profits up while trying to stay ahead in a crowded industry is no easy task. We understand that precision metalforming companies constantly feel the combined pressure of competition, costs, and compliance. To successfully manage these concerns, metalforming companies require robust enterprise software systems to ensure business processes run smoothly.

With CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) as your Infor ERP Manufacturing software, you create an efficient and automated planning process, along with shop floor execution that operates according to plan. The software effectively manages the flow of materials through production, keeping costs as low as possible, and allowing you to easily overcome challenges while improving your throughput and profitability.


Key features metal fabrication companies have found find useful when using Infor ERP:

Integrated Systems
  • Equipment and plant maintenance
  • Integrated Accounting and Financial Management
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
Inventory Control
  • Document Management and Automation
  • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • 360° Customer Management
  • Single or Multi-Site Operations
Best Metal Fabrication ERP
  • Quality Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Materials and Inventory Management
  • Personalized User Experiences

Rubber & Plastics Manufacturing

Volatile material prices, environmental concerns, high customer demand, and other challenges have taken a toll on rubber and plastics manufacturers. These manufacturers can’t face increasing industry pressures with spreadsheets and outdated software applications. Businesses need a single robust solution to take control of data and operations from top to bottom.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) for rubber and plastics manufacturing is built on groundbreaking technologies that deliver new levels of usability, connectivity, and insight. SyteLine is a purpose-built solution that manages the complete manufacturing operation, from financials and scheduling to shop floor management, quality control, and analytics.

Rubber and plastics manufacturers use Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) to:

Align Systems with Managed Integration
  • Manage operations in an integrated, closed-loop system
  • Enable complete visibility & unify communication
Attain Quick Improvement
  • Accommodate future growth and complexity
  • Streamline operations and reduce material waste
Best ERP for rubber and plastic manufacturing
  • Increase accuracy, timeliness, customer satisfaction
  • Feel confidence in your operation.

Why Datix?

We credit our 24 years of success in building customized enterprise software solutions to our passion for transforming business through software. Our team of certified ERP, CRM, and eCommerce experts communicate closely with our clients and work with the best software vendors to provide the solutions that will take your business to the next level. That’s the Datix difference: with our commitment to innovation and end-to-end assistance, it’s no wonder businesses seek our consultants for on-time, on-budget solutions.

“The main reason we use Datix is time management. We were using Excel to create our labels before.”

Carl Milligan, Director of IT, Automotive Parts Manufacturer

SyteLine | CloudSuite Industrial ERP Implementation For Manufacturers

Infor is one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based enterprise software solution suites for ERP, CRM, SCM, and HCM built for mid-market companies. Its products support over 68,000 manufactures, distributors, retailers, and other professional service organizations worldwide.

These organizations rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation. When upgrading company-wide technology most organizations need help with implementation, function, and custom development of their Infor software. Datix’s proven process will ensure this powerful software works for your organization the way it is intended to. We perform work from start to finish, rescue projects in trouble, and can step in to help organizations upgrade their software to the most current version.

Epicor Kinetic Support for Manufacturers

Epicor® is highly capable of meeting the needs of industrial machinery manufacturers. That’s why Datix is a certified Gold Partner of the ERP platform and has spent countless years helping businesses, both in the industrial machinery market and beyond, implement the system. Some of the most pertinent features that those looking for industrial machinery manufacturer ERP will find particularly enticing in Epicor® are:

  • Support for engineer-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing.
  • Epicor® Social Enterprise delivering enhanced Cross-functional collaboration.
  • Embedded project management supports cost management and schedule visibility.
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for complex engineering intensive product control.
  • Embedded robust quality management to support stringent regulatory requirements.
  • Support for multi-site, multi-plant, and global operations.

Epicor® is specifically designed to reduce operating costs by creating that single nexus for process management and streamlining all your operations. Although the platform can be applied to a wide range of markets and industries, the software’s focus on lean production should be particularly enticing for industrial machinery manufacturers. Because your customers demand greater product flexibility, shorter delivery times, and higher product quality at lower price points, you need to find a way to lower costs somewhere. Epicor® is designed to implement Kanban manufacturing strategies on your shop floor, that pulls (rather than pushes) products through the supply chain. Employing that method allows you to only order supplies and use production time on products that you know will be bought, automatically reducing waste. You can target areas of waste and inefficiency on your shop floor and use those savings to reduce prices without reducing quality.

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