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Form a Powerful, Connected Enterprise  

A connected enterprise is a powerful enterprise. When IT platforms are connected, employees can work as a unified front to achieve business growth. For manufacturers and distributors, the key to forming a connected enterprise is ERP integration. Integrating ERP with CRM, eCommerce or Marketing Automation software gives users transparency from the top floor to the shop floor, driving greater efficiency and customer service.   

Nobody understands the value of systems integration more than Datix. Our consultants have connected countless platforms using our flagship Unity integration solution. Below, we explain how ERP integration can help you form a powerful, connected enterprise.  


Maximize ROI 

Software integration increases the value of your applications. According to Nucleus Research, integration can generate 20 to 30% business growth. A survey from NerveWire found that companies with the most integrated IT environments earned a 40% increase in revenue, 30% decrease in costs and 35% increase in customer retention. But how does ERP integration translate to these business improvements and higher ROI? 

An integration allows data to flow seamlessly from end to end of your enterprise. That allows your business to improve process flows and streamline supply chains. With automated workflows, you can cut down on manual entries. Changes in one platform are immediately reflected in the other, improving your accuracy and efficiency. Faster workflows also enable users to respond rapidly to customers, partners and suppliers. Your enterprise applications become more valuable when they are joined together to optimize customer experiences and enhance productivity.  

Gain Greater Visibility 

Hosting disconnected systems hinders visibility. Data becomes siloed in separate applications, resulting in information gaps. This stunts decision making, as users lack easy access to all the data they need to optimize strategies. By syncing data between applications, ERP integration removes barriers to enterprise data, giving users a holistic view of the organization and enabling powerful decision making.  

There are many ways that software integration can deliver a 360-degree view of your customers and processes. For example: 

  • ERP users can capitalize on customer data to detect buying trends and enable precise demand planning.  
  • Salespeople don’t have to mess around in an ERP platform to find information about pricing or inventory. An integration populates this data in their CRM instance to help your sales team close deals and provide accurate information to customers at all times.  
  • When ERP is connected with Marketing Automation software, marketers can gain more knowledge about customers, so they can generate personalized content and email campaigns based on their behavior.  
  • Our Unity integration solution includes an order tracker, which uses ERP data to provide sales and service reps updates on order statuses from their CRM dashboards.  

Simplify UX 

When employees can access accurate, real-time information from their familiar platforms, they can enjoy an easier, faster user experience (UX). But software integration doesn’t always deliver the most intuitive user interface (UI). Jitterbit, for example, has a cumbersome UI and complex steps for simple mappings, resulting in a steep learning curve.  

At Datix, we created a simplified UX design to encourage widespread user adoption. Unity’s streamlined interface makes it easy for anyone to gain end-to-end visibility. Our pre-built application is rapidly installed by our consultants, so you don’t have to worry about complex mappings and custom coding. We’ll even take care of error handling and any necessary customizations. Unity’s sleek design and our expert consultants remove the hassle from ERP integration.  

Wrap Up 

Refusing to sync data between your enterprise software applications just doesn’t make sense anymore. Painstaking coding is no longer essential for software integration. Pre-built integration solutions are designed to quickly connect your systems, and no solution can beat Unity.  

Our scalable application integrates Epicor with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, HubSpot and more to maximize your productivity. With two-way data synchronization, comprehensive error handling and reliable performance, Unity makes it easier than ever to form a connected enterprise. After 20 years of experience with a variety of manufacturers and distributors, we know how to align our solution with your unique business processes.  

There are no excuses for turning down an ERP integration. Contact Datix today to start transforming your business!  


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