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Making Epicor® Software Work for Your Business

At Datix, we truly believe that the implementation and configuration of Epicor® software is more important than the software itself. Finding the right tool for the right job is important, but even the right software cannot fix a misaligned implementation. We’ve been partnering with firms across the globe to ensure that their implementation, integration and customization projects are a total success.

At Datix, our experts come from the industry and provide expertise in business process modeling and streamlining from all angles of the business. In fact, this is why most of our clients choose us over a direct implementation with Epicor®. Our clients are typically concerned with defining current processes, evaluating optimizations, and implementing strategies that hold stakeholders accountable to system strategies that have been established to ensure project ROI, and our consultants have the expertise to do just that.

We provide Epicor® consulting, support, and guidance throughout the operational lifecycle of your software. As Epicor® evolves, so should your software and the processes it supports. We are a true partner. Someone who is responsive, agile and ready for any roadblock an ERP project can present.

Our process focuses on your processes, your people and your definition of success.

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Improve Planning & Execution for Discrete Manufacturers

Highly flexible and scalable, Epicor® ERP can be deployed to fit your unique operational needs, resources and budget. This includes on-site installation, hosted, as a SaaS or a cloud application. We help organizations determine the deployment model that is right for them.

With module-based software, Epicor® streamlines financial, inventory, and manufacturing management efficiencies, in-depth supply chain management, CRM, business intelligence, and enterprise performance management functionality. This provides enormous flexibility. However, if you’re unaware of what modules to implement now — and which ones you’ll want in the future — your project can quickly become bloated and convoluted.

We help make your Epicor® implementation concise, on-time and under budget. Our Epicor® implementation process ensures your organization unlocks the full power of Epicor® ERP, and our people make sure that it works exactly the way your organization had originally envisioned.


Proven Epicor® ERP Implementation Process

We offer a proven plan with our process-based implementation. Get the best results by working with our certified Epicor® ERP consultants. When partnering with Datix, you get the best of both worlds – a dedicated partner with personal attention backed by an award-winning, global software organization.

Is it Time to Upgrade?

Epicor® ERP 10 offers users a visionary blend of global functionality built on agile technology that eliminates complexity to make ERP easier to use.  This version is mobile and tablet friendly and based entirely on Microsoft technology for better ease-of-use. Learn more by reading our newest series of blog posts on the latest Epicor® version’s powerful features.

ERP for Manufacturingworker-using-tablet

Epicor® ERP is ideal for the complex nature of discrete manufacturing. Ask how our expert ERP consultants can adapt the software features to fit your particular production or operation. Choose software that will support the complexities of your business.

Epicor® Social EnterpriseOperating-Hydraulic-Tube-Bender

Collaborate using the newest tool: Epicor® Social Enterprise (ESE). Embedded in your ERP, you are able to get valuable updates on changes made in Epicor®, work cross-departmentally, and access ERP data anywhere while on-the-go. Find out more about this fantastic tool.

Why Epicor® for Your ERP?

Take a look at this brief overview to learn more about the benefits of using Epicor® ERP 10. Not all ERP software solutions are created to meet the specific needs of manufacturers, in particular discrete manufacturers.

Select software that will help you maximize productivity in every area of your business—get in touch with an expert at Datix today to make sure your first step out of the gate is the right one.

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