How to Lighten Your IT Workload

IT Workload

Improve Your IT Team’s Effectiveness  

IT departments have never been busier. The rapid evolution of enterprise technology and intense global competition have motivated businesses to pursue digital transformation. With the latest software, manufacturers and distributors can streamline supply chains, automate processes and enjoy deep insights. Many of these companies have their hard-working IT teams to thank for these improvements, as they spearhead projects to enhance their digital infrastructure.  

But maybe your IT personnel is working too hard. Not all businesses are maximizing the return on their software investments because IT teams are consumed with tedious tasks, like maintenance and error handling. That doesn’t give them enough time to pursue cutting-edge solutions. Don’t overwork your IT department with mundane activities. Find out how to reduce their workload, so they can fully dedicate themselves to value-added projects.   

Upgraded Solutions 

The biggest pain point for IT teams is legacy software. IT personnel dedicate the vast majority of their time to keeping systems up and running, not on pursuing digital transformation. Rather than implement new solutions, organizations stick to what they know. That leaves the IT department to constantly fix bugs and inefficiencies on slow, outdated software. Furthermore, since these systems are often off-maintenance, they can’t get vendor support when something goes wrong. It’s no wonder legacy software is draining IT resources and stunting business growth. 

Upgrading your infrastructure might seem like an extra burden on your business, but your IT team will be thankful for modernizing your software in the long term. With upgraded enterprise technology, they can spend less time on troubleshooting and quick fixes and more time experimenting with innovative features. A software upgrade will do wonders for improving your company’s speed and accuracy while providing much-needed relief for your IT department.  

Systems Integration 

On average, organizations use 900 applications. However, only 29% are integrated. So many disjointed systems require extensive labor from IT personnel, as they handle maintenance and modifications across hundreds of platforms. Plus, more systems mean more errors, as users manually enter data across multiple applications. Manual data entry opens up the possibility of mistakes that IT teams have to fix.  

With a fully integrated system, IT departments only have one platform to worry about and fewer errors to handle. But it’s important to simplify your integration methodology. Custom connectors require intense upkeep and painstaking coding, making your integration extra work for IT. A pre-built integration solution, such as Unity, can be up and running quickly without too much work. Plus, our consultants even provide error handling, ensuring your data syncs smoothly. With data flowing seamlessly throughout your enterprise, your IT team has time to focus on value-added projects.  

Software Consulting 

Even with an up-to-date, connected infrastructure, IT still has a lot on its plate. Security, IoT, analytics, continuous improvements—IT teams are under more pressure than ever to keep up with fast-paced developments. That leaves them swamped with projects, and less than 40% of IT departments manage to execute them all.  

Your IT personnel can’t be expected to handle a surge in projects on their own or become experts in every piece of technology. To support your team, consider hiring consultants. Software consultants have experience in particular vendors and solutions, making them ideal partners for managing projects. By contributing their expertise to your organization, consultants mitigate risk and help you maximize the value of your investment. This will take considerable pressure off your IT department and make it easier to achieve an on-time, on-budget go live.  

Wrap Up 

There’s only so much your IT team can do. Make sure they’re not wasting time on senseless errors and outdated software. With an upgraded, integrated infrastructure, your IT personnel can dedicate more time to value-added projects. 

When you team up with consultants, digital transformation becomes easier than ever. The experts at Datix have decades of experience in software for various manufacturing and distribution environments. A certified Epicor partner, we work closely with each client to simplify projects and help users get the most from their ERP investments. Plus, with Unity, we can seamlessly connect ERP with CRM, eCommerce or Marketing Automation software to form a single source of truth.  

Our premier consultants allow your IT department to work smarter, not harder. Learn more by contacting Datix today!  


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