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AI for B2B Selling 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has dominated headlines in recent years. Incredible innovations have made AI a mainstay in various aspects of our lives, particularly at the workplace. With CRM software vendors constantly rolling out new AI developments, the technology has played a key role in rethinking sales strategies.  

But not everyone has been quick to embrace artificial intelligence. Gartner reports that many B2B organizations struggle to grasp the importance of the technology in their sales operations. However, Gartner’s survey of AI’s usage in B2B industries reveals that businesses who haven’t adopted the technology are missing out. 61 percent of the surveyed organizations claim that AI brings significant value to their companies, and this figure will likely soar as vendors continue making advancements.  

Gartner also found that businesses deploy AI techniques to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue. Below, we explain how the AI technology available in leading CRM solutions can optimize B2B sales performance by fulfilling those three goals.   

Improved Efficiency 

71 percent of sales reps waste most of their time on manual data entry, meaning that a colossal amount of time is going towards menial tasks rather than engaging with customers and winning deals. CRM vendors are counting on AI to reverse this trend.  

AI applications automate time-consuming tasks through process automation and instant data analysis. Sales reps no longer need to manually gather and analyze data. CRM solutions collect and analyze data 24×7, generating accurate predictions and recommendations to help sales teams make the best decisions to quickly close deals.  

CRM solutions can also connect with third-party platforms to further eliminate data entry. For example, Salesforce includes Einstein Activity Capture, an AI tool that automatically logs your emails and calendar in your CRM platform to track all sales-related activities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can instantly connect with other Microsoft platforms, enabling AI solutions to garner immediate insights throughout sales cycles. With greater connectivity and process automation, sales reps can make the most of their time.  

Cost Reduction 

As the old adage goes, time is money—and this saying proves particularly apt for B2B sales. B2B sales cycles are notoriously long and involve several parties. When sales reps zero in on a lead that isn’t likely to close, they could potentially waste months and miss out on valuable opportunities.  

To address this issue, CRM vendors have developed AI tools that ensure your resources or being delegated appropriately. Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales helps sales departments focus on high priority customers with signals from their CRM platform, LinkedIn and Office 365 that reveal relationship health. It also includes predictive analytics to recommend the next best action to forward customer relationships.  

Salesforce also includes AI tools designed to help users fixate their resources on the right leads and activities. Einstein Opportunity Insights predicts the likelihood of a deal closing and suggests the next move reps should take to get closer to winning the deal. Essentially, AI provides a full view of prospects and customers, so users can identify where they’re wasting money and ensure valuable opportunities aren’t slipping through the cracks.  

Revenue Increase 

Focused on hitting their quotas, sales teams often lose sight of what’s most important: the customer. Whether B2B or B2C, consumers expect to be regarded as a person, not a number. That means customer experience should serve as a key priority for businesses looking to raise their revenue.  

The insights and recommendations powered by AI technology help reps personalize buyer’s journeys. CRM solutions include AI tools that score leads, measure the health of customer relationships and improve segmentation. Embedded insights in Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales recommend talking points and next actions to take with individual customers. Salesforce Einstein Intent interprets the intent of customer queries, making it easier to personalize marketing efforts and nurture leads.  

CRM software equips businesses with the AI technology necessary to gain a deeper understanding of consumers and personalize their experiences. From offering the right price to delivering the right collateral, sales teams can leverage AI insights to make rapid decisions that surpass customer expectations.  

Wrap Up 

With sophisticated AI technology, CRM vendors such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce are committed to boosting B2B sales. As AI expands its foothold across enterprises, B2B companies can’t afford to miss out on the advantages this technology has to offer. 

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