Epicor 10 Features You Didn’t Know You Could Have

Epicor 10 Surprises

Surprising Epicor ERP 10 Features 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are so inclusive that it’s easy to miss out on exciting features. This is especially true for Epicor 10 clients. A leading ERP vendor for over 45 years, Epicor includes wide-ranging functionality designed to optimize manufacturing and distribution operations. With version 10, Epicor added even more modules and improvements to enhance business processes. 

We want to make sure none of these tools escape your notice. Check out a few of the Epicor 10 functions you should be taking advantage of in your business.  

Epicor Commerce Connect 

Before investing in an eCommerce solution, make sure you check out the one available to Epicor 10 customers. As a general rule, ERP vendors should stick to ERP. Their attempts at developing other systems often fail to deliver full-scale capabilities or intuitive user interfaces. But Epicor is the exception, creating Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) to enable businesses to launch well-designed online stores.  

ECC is an all-encompassing eCommerce platform, offering sophisticated search functionality, conversion tools, multiple payment options and more. With robust features and user-friendly tools, you can create rich, online customer experiences in no time.  

Best of all, since it’s an Epicor product, it integrates seamlessly with your ERP solution. Rather than run separate systems or explore integration methods, you can effortlessly maintain ERP and eCommerce data in one place. That means orders, inventory levels, pricing information and more are managed and updated in a single solution, promoting end-to-end visibility and accuracy.  

Product Configurator 

More than ever, products have multiple variants that add complexity to supply chains. Manufacturers trying to create custom products struggle to maintain accuracy and efficiency if they don’t have a configurator. Fortunately, Epicor 10 has a robust product configurator designed to handle this intricate process.  

Manufacturers that offer custom products often struggle to communicate across departments. Epicor’s configurator eradicates these silos, giving front and back-end users the ability to view and change information from any device. That means salespeople can provide accurate pricing and customization options to customers.  

Additionally, Epicor will automatically build the bill of materials (BOM) to speed up production while maintaining precision. Epicor also provides user-defined settings and the flexibility to manipulate orders at any level, supporting the unique processes of each manufacturer.  

If that wasn’t enough, the product configurator syncs with Epicor Commerce Connect to further streamline processes. Once a customer configures a product online, an ERP user immediately receives the information, eradicating manual data entry and improving efficiency. This level of connectivity facilitates greater customer service and faster operations.  

Epicor Social Enterprise 

According to a Stanford study, workplace collaboration promotes higher engagement and success. Epicor recognizes the importance of working together. In version 10 of its ERP solution, Epicor introduced a modern platform to foster enterprise collaboration: Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE). Borrowing social media techniques such as hashtags and sharing, ESE provides an active stream of business operations.  

This enables users to stay on top of processes. Employees gain instant insights, such as the status of an object throughout the production life cycle or notifications when a shipment changes. They can also message other users or share updates across any device. ESE serves as an interactive platform that motivates users to work as a team.  

Wrap Up 

Epicor keeps getting better. With each version, the vendor releases new modules and functionality to maximize enterprise productivity. But we know it can be difficult to keep track of every improvement and addition. 

That’s why you should team up with an ERP expert. A certified Epicor partner, Datix has been a premier consulting firm for over 20 years. Our consultants ensure each client is using their ERP features to the fullest. With a variety of software platforms and services, we have the skills to execute the ideal solution to optimize your business processes. 

Start upgrading your business performance by upgrading to Epicor ERP 10. Learn more by contacting Datix today!  


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