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Why Connect ERP with CRM?

If you want to improve your enterprise efficiency and generate stronger insights, you should strongly consider integrating your ERP with your CRM. Your business could save hundreds of hours a year through process automation and accurate, real-time data. With an integrated solution, there’s no more going back and forth between front and back-office software, manually entering data in both systems and compromising your processes with unreliable information. Data entry is a one-and-done deal with bidirectional data syncs and automated operations.

As significant as these advantages are, businesses can appreciate additional benefits when they utilize cloud computing to connect their CRM and ERP instances. Cloud deployment proves the easiest and most cost-effective model on the market, empowering small and mid-size business to put software integrations in place to enhance their processes. Cloud hosting also reduces maintenance costs while increasing flexibility.

But today we’re focusing on one particular advantage of the cloud: mobility. A cloud-hosted ERP-CRM integration enables users to access data from both front and back offices from any device at any time. In this post, we further explore the advantages of forming a truly mobile enterprise through software integration.


Real-Time, Mobile Access to Data

Imagine: A member of your sales team is meeting with a potential client. The salesperson pulls out a phone and immediately starts checking inventory stock, product counts, orders and other back-office data to capitalize on potential opportunities and identify upcoming risks. The salesperson wonders, “Is there another relevant product or service I can offer? What are the best pricing options available for this client?” Instantly, the user is considering the next best step in the sales cycle. 

This is the power of connecting ERP with CRM. Sales teams are increasingly on the go, moving quick to clinch those deals. They can’t wait until they’ve returned to their office desktops to touch base with customers; they need access to product, pricing, inventory and order information at all times to close deals at the opportune moment.

But mobility and integration benefit everyone, not just the sales department. Information is consolidated in one system and can be accessed on any device, enhancing collaboration throughout your enterprise. Managers can use real-time insight into business operations to drive smart decision making. Users can leverage CRM data to determine how to stock inventory for future orders and ensure accurate shipments and manufacturing processes. This insight helps manufacturers maintain lean operations.

Plus, everyone could use a little break from the office. When employees have precise, up-to-date data on a user-friendly mobile interface, your workforce can remain productive when they can’t make it to their desks.

Wrap Up

Cloud-based integrated systems serve as a mobile, all-in-one platform to maintain the integrity of your data, provide world-class customer service and improve manufacturing processes. So how can businesses achieve a successful ERP-CRM integration? By teaming up with Datix, companies can enjoy a seamless integration through Unity. Unity is our flagship integration solution that connects a myriad of software without extensive coding. This pre-built application can be modified to align with your business processes, making it the easiest, most comprehensive platform to enhance any manufacturing or distribution firm.

Besides being integration experts, Datix is also a certified partner of EpicorMicrosoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce. In other words, we’re among the best in providing ERP and CRM services. We’ll help you choose which CRM vendor is the optimal fit for your company and connect your CRM with Epicor ERP for a streamlined, mobile solution.

Ready to access your ERP and CRM data on the go? Reach out to Datix today to learn about our integration and mobile solutions!


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