Is it Time to Give Up QuickBooks?

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Swap Out QuickBooks for ERP 

QuickBooks can often feel like the only option for small to midsize businesses (SMB), but the accounting software often falls short in meeting manufacturing and distribution needs. Rather than manage operations and identify fiscal trends from a single solution, QuickBooks users often find themselves drowning in spreadsheets and unable to find critical datasets. This inhibits SMBs from achieving business growth.  

Organizations working with QuickBooks will eventually experience roadblocks to success, requiring them to migrate to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Epicor, a leading ERP vendor for over 45 years, develops software for manufacturers and distributors of all sizes, empowering SMBs to leverage full functionality and fast performance to expand their enterprises. Below, we go over a few of QuickBooks’ shortcomings and explain why it’s time to transition to Epicor ERP.  

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Poor Scalability 

Change is inevitable in the highly competitive world of manufacturing and distribution. That makes scalability a critical component of your IT systems. Scalability is severely lacking from QuickBooks. The solution only supports 30 user licenses, hindering access to fiscal data as your business grows. To account for changes in your operations, IT teams end up cobbling together multiple platforms that don’t easily integrate with your QuickBooks solution. This results in information silos, duplicate data entries and inefficiencies that thwart your attempts to pursue business growth. 

Epicor ERP is built to weather any changes that your organization encounters. Modular in design, businesses can easily add functionality and features to account for new processes. They can also seamlessly integrate Epicor with front-office solutions to facilitate end-to-end visibility. Epicor 10 has four times the scalability of previous Epicor releases, showing the vendor’s commitment to improving its solutions to fuel enterprise growth. With Epicor, expanding businesses can accommodate changing processes, higher volumes of transactions, more users and new locations without the tedious workarounds and inefficiencies of QuickBooks.  

Limited Functionality 

As a point solution, there’s only so much that QuickBooks can do. With its accounting-only orientation, QuickBooks can’t help businesses gain deep insights. Manufacturers and distributors must turn to other applications to manage processes and data, but as we’ve already covered, QuickBooks doesn’t work well with other systems. With disjointed applications for financial management, supply chain management, inventory tracking and more, users are left manually searching for information and entering data in multiple platforms. In fast-paced industries, disjointed processes and limited visibility take a major toll on business performance, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and slow decision making.  

Modern enterprises require an all-in-one solution to streamline business processes. Epicor consists of fully integrated modules designed to manage different areas of your business. This gives users the right tools to perform specific activities while delivering a complete view of enterprise-wide operations. Companies have no need for separate applications, spreadsheets and manual tasks when they have comprehensive functionality at their fingertips. Epicor is built to support manufacturing and distribution processes and deliver holistic visibility out of the box.  


In the world of software, latency refers to delays in transmitting and processing data. Businesses today must operate at lightning speed, making latency a huge obstacle in your enterprise performance. QuickBooks users aren’t getting the speed and responsiveness they require to address issues and fulfill customer demands. QuickBooks doesn’t have the capability to generate real-time insights and handle big data. Manufacturers and distributors are left shuffling through papers, working with outdated data and performing manual operations. 

When Epicor released version 10 of its ERP solution, it simplified its architecture and transitioned to a 100% Microsoft Stack. These changes enabled Epicor 10 to perform at more than twice the speed of Epicor 9. It’s not uncommon for businesses to reduce production lead time from weeks or months to just a day after implementing Epicor. Process automation, fast server response times and real-time tracking enable enterprises to work more efficiently than ever.  

Wrap Up 

Big or small, manufacturers and distributors can’t make it in today’s competitive environment without a scalable, comprehensive and responsive software solution. Epicor ERP is all that and more. QuickBooks doesn’t come close to the robust performance of Epicor. 

With Datix, ditching QuickBooks is no problem. A certified Epicor partner, we’ll guide you throughout your ERP implementation, offering premier service from start to finish. From your first implementation to ongoing support, customizations and integrations, our expert consultants do what it takes to maximize the value of your software.  

Don’t stunt your business growth. Download our free e-book to learn how to move on from QuickBooks, and contact Datix today to start your transition to Epicor ERP!  


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