ERP Project Quick Tips

ERP Quick Tips

Tips for ERP Success 

ERP implementations aren’t exactly a walk in the park, but they also aren’t the drawn-out, complex ordeals that many manufacturers and distributors believe them to be. With some careful consideration and commitment to following ERP best practices, you can launch your software without hassle. And don’t forget—once your ERP is implemented, you can leverage process automation and deep insights to transform your enterprise from top to bottom. 

Ready to get your software implementation off the ground? Follow our eight ERP quick tips to make your project a success.  

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Tip 1: Select the Right Vendor 

You don’t want to end up with an ERP solution designed for large manufacturers if you’re a small distributor. To avoid getting the wrong vendor for your business, make sure you do some research. Meet with vendors, compare demos, read reviews and talk to ERP customers about their solutions.  

Tip 2: Plan Ahead 

An ERP project isn’t something you figure out as you go. Document your system requirements, so you never lose sight of your implementation goals. Create an implementation schedule and budget that fully accounts for these goals and factors in potential roadblocks.  

Tip 3: Audit Business Processes 

Do you really know what’s holding your business back from reaching its full potential? Many executives and managers have a general sense of their company’s shortcomings, but not the exact causes of organizational inefficiencies and errors. Through business process modeling, you get the chance to map workflows from end to end of your company, so you can detect pain points and figure out how to smooth them over with ERP.  

Tip 4: Clean Data 

Your ERP is only as strong as your data. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook data scrubbing during your implementation. Early in your project, start combing through your data for inconsistencies, duplicates, errors and outdated information. Get rid of any inaccuracies or redundancies, and only migrate precise, relevant data into your new solution. Clean data will ensure that your ERP solution is delivering valuable insights.  

Tip 5: Test Your System 

You’re not ready to go live until you’ve fully tested your solution. Do you have database errors? Bottlenecks in your workflows? Backup problems? Any of these issues will result in high costs and user frustration if they aren’t discovered before the software launch. That’s why you must test your ERP in a sandbox environment before deployment.  

Tip 6: Don’t Go Overboard 

The kitchen sink approach doesn’t go over well for most ERP implementations. Though it might be tempting to add on modules or customizations midway through the project, you’re only overcomplicating your implementation and jeopardizing your budget. Unless absolutely necessary, stick to the original plan and wait until after the initial rollout to consider extra features.  

Tip 7: Train Users 

You can’t expect to get much value from your ERP solution if it isn’t appropriately used. Make sure end users receive role-based, hands-on training for all the functions they need to execute their tasks. Provide resources such as user guides and video demos to promote continued learning.  

Tip 8: Get Help  

Know of any ERP experts in your organization? Probably not, and if someone in your IT department does have implementation experience, chances are they have too much on their plate to fully dedicate themselves to the project. ERP consultants live and breathe enterprise software, making them a critical resource for executing your project and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.  

Wrap Up 

Following these tips will pave the road to a successful ERP implementation. At Datix, we help our manufacturing and distribution clients follow best practices to roll out their ERP systems on time and on budget. An Epicor Gold Partner, Datix knows how to align Epicor’s robust ERP solutions to your unique processes. We also include a large array of software solutions and services under one roof designed to optimize your business performance. 

Start your ERP implementation on the right foot. Get in touch with one of our expert consultants today!  


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