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Having the right software to perform all the necessary tasks within your business is critical, but having disparate systems performing a whole range of different tasks without communicating will inevitably create silos inside of your business—leading to time-consuming practices and waste that will be devastating for your business. Our systems integration services and solutions can ensure that all of your enterprise systems transfer critical business knowledge seamlessly and accurately in a way that can measurably boost the ROI of your current software investments, and allow you to sleep easily without the fear of double data entry again or redundant processes causing errors again.

Our integration product, Unity, enables our clients to connect their current ERP to key enterprise software, including Microsoft Dynamics 365  and Salesforce. Our custom integration services allow you to extend this connectivity even further into other marketing automation, parent ERP systems, and eCommerce platforms. Our connection platform supports 30+ points of synchronization and is available in several different forms. We can work closely with you to make sure every functionality and process is integrated and supported properly.

Unity can help connect popular software including: Epicor® ERP, Prophet 21, SAP, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Marketo, XE Exchange, HubSpot, Sugar CRM, and many others. Unity will provide a custom platform that allows us to help you customize the ideal integration between your enterprise software systems. The product is easily implemented and is used by many across the globe—ask us how it can transform your business today!

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Systems integration is essential to achieving the maximum ROI on your current enterprise software investments. At Datix, we have a very strong track record of demonstrating a cost-savings to the CEO/CFO on the front and back end of all of our engagements because of our unique experience with a wide range of enterprise software. On Day 1, we can create a prediction for you around exactly how much a systems integration could save your organization, and work as hard as we can to ensure that this goal is met and exceeded. Read how this affected a recent client of ours. There are several specific use cases that we believe demonstrate a tremendous value to our clients; however, it’s the powerful access to 360-degree data that our clients receive by implementing our integration solutions that generally drive the greatest innovation and provide the most essential information for business growth.

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Our team has specialized in integrating ERP and CRM systems for almost 20 years. We have been an industry leader and innovator in the world of enterprise software connectivity— but more importantly — we remain a trusted partner of every organization we’ve worked with, even after their successful go-lives. We don’t just prescribe solutions and software. We know that the key to successful systems integration is understanding business processes and complex business needs and working with the software to make sure those needs are supported. We are experts in consulting with mid-market manufacturing, distribution, eCommerce industries. Our team understands these businesses in and out. Give us a call today and let us help you design a systems integration solution that can save your business money!


Datix specializes in understanding business processes and leveraging that knowledge towards software that can transform your organization.

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