Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation and Process Modeling

As a Microsoft Partner, we understand your CRM needs, and can use our process and vast industry experience to fit the software in to your business.  We specialize in helping those in the mid market model businesses processes around this powerful software, and avoid some of the common pitfalls organizations often fall in to during implementation.


Datix Makes the Difference

Businesses envision Microsoft Dynamics 365 perfectly aligned to their sales and service processes, with executives being able to use the system to collect valuable business information. Unfortunately, simply implementing the software is unlikely to allow this to occur. Organizations must properly align Microsoft Dynamics 365 to their organization. That’s what Datix does.

Datix specializes in helping companies improve business outcomes by ensuring that Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports their sales process, streamlines service protocols and provides accurate and accessible reports to leaders inside of the organization. This kind of configuration is the best way for organizations to see an ROI on the software.

We’ve helped numerous businesses mitigate the risk associated with implementing powerful new software. These implementations are not to be taken lightly and need expert attention for total success. The business models and processes that are employed during implementation determine how well the system is adopted, utilized and ultimately performs.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers best-in-class CRM solutions, and is a top choice when your company wants to build out your ERP solutions and processes. This customer relationship management software helps your marketing, sales and customer care teams work in sync. Empower your customer relations team with service essentials including a contact center and engagement channel management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overview

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 features:

  • Social Listening
  • Better Customer Care
  • Marketing Automation with email campaigns and analytics

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What about CRM and ERP integration?

Sync your CRM and Infor ERP data using our no-install software connector. Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with any ERP, and maximize the value and effectiveness of both systems, using Unity by Datix.

Complete CRM Solutions Without Software Installation

The implementation and process modeling of your new CRM is just as important as the software itself.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has solutions for marketing, sales, and customer care. With the latest version in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you are able to have all departments work together seamlessly. It will enable you to analyze market trends, redefine sales performance, and create customer loyalty. All of this is within Microsoft’s trusted cloud.

Keep Your Sales Department Customer-Focused

Sell more effectively. Keep your sales department stress-free and productive by allowing them to focus on customers. Sales have been re-imagined, make sure your software allows you to reach your customer in a constantly connected world. Reach your customer with mobile, tablet, and social networks. Get real-time data, news, social updates, and connection data with integrated sales intelligence tools.

Customer Service at a New Level

Keep your current customers happy by delivering personalized, effective service. Resolve customer issues with use case management tools to solve those complaints quickly. CRM functions allow you to harness best practices and present those to your customers.

Make Your Marketing Efforts Count

Make your marketing dollars work by effectively targeting and connecting with your potential customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you enterprise marketing automation and multi-channel campaign management. Get to know your customers and develop the valued relationships that are vital to growing your business. Keep and attract customers with better insights and marketing analytics.