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The purpose of any enterprise software—no matter if it’s ERP, CRM, eCommerce or an integrationis to provide measurable improvements to your business. Therefore, software consultants can’t just be technical experts. They must have the skill and experience to understand unique business needs, identify pain points and determine which solutions offer the right tools to optimize your operations.  

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To give you a sense of how we accomplish this, we’re giving businesses the opportunity to submit a description of their processes in exchange for a free evaluation from one of our experts. Below, we also explain how our consultants gain an in-depth understanding of your business processes in order to tailor our solutions and services to your specific needs. 

Business Process Modeling from Datix 

Our consultants begin learning about your company’s unique operations through business process modeling. Business process modeling involves visually representing your processes through flowcharts or diagrams. After working with you to map current workflows, we help you detect issues. Perhaps your data is moving inefficiently throughout your enterprise, or your demand planning strategies aren’t up to par. Whatever the issue, our team has experience across a wide array of manufacturing and distribution industries, equipping us with the knowledge to discover areas of improvement that might have escaped your notice. 

Then, it’s time to fit technology into the picture. To do that, we design use cases, which are documents that clarify how your new solution will interact with existing systems and users to deliver exciting business improvements. Documented use cases assist with training and upholding best practices, making them critical for end-to-end user adoption.  

Business process modeling and use case creation are just a couple pieces of our Strategic Solution Process, Datix’s proven methodology for executing software projects. For over 20 years, this methodology has effectively kept projects on track to earn substantial ROI and optimize business processes.  

Wrap Up 

Now that you have a sense of our approach, we want to make it easy for you to get started on your business transformation. That’s why we’re providing free business process evaluations. Just fill out the form above to briefly explain your processes. We’ll use this information to identify issues and suggest solutions. Maybe it’s a CRM integration to improve visibility across departments. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your ERP software to meet changing industry needs. Whatever it is, we’ll explain how our suggested solution can help you achieve specific improvements.  

Find out what makes us business process modeling experts and a one-stop shop for ERP, CRM and eCommerce solutions. Fill out the form to request your free evaluation!  

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