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Premier Solution for ERP Integration 

Improving business processes and enterprise technology is a never-ending journey. That means you shouldn’t stop optimizing your software after you’ve implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Our software experts have found that once manufacturers and distributors implement Epicor® ERP, they generate higher value and enhance their performance by refining their solution to align with changing business needs. 

One of the most effective methods of improving Epicor® is through systems integration. Connecting Epicor® with CRM, eCommerce or Marketing Automation software will increase visibility and productivity from end to end of your enterprise. With data automatically updated throughout your organization, users can enjoy a 360-degree view of your business.  

However, not all integration methods are effective at streamlining business processes. Custom connectors have a reputation for requiring painstaking coding and costly maintenance. They also tend to introduce bugs into your software. Fortunately, there’s an integration solution that doesn’t come with tremendous risk and labor.  

That solution is Unity, a pre-built application that seamlessly connects Epicor® with a wide selection of front-end software. Below, we explain what makes Unity the premier solution for ERP integration.  


As we explained in the introduction, custom integration is no easy task. It takes several months to code all your sync points, and because of the project’s complexity, the integration often involves several test cycles and errors. You would think an API integration platform that doesn’t involve coding would remove these issues, but this isn’t always the case. 

Take Jitterbit, for example. Jitterbit enables systems to communicate with each other without requiring you to develop custom application APIs. That makes it easier than hand-coding a connector, but there are still some challenges you must face. Jitterbit doesn’t have a pre-built connector for Epicor® that can be instantly deployed. Instead, you’ll have to navigate multiple tools to build the solution from the ground up. Unless you’re an expert in Jitterbit development, you won’t even know where to start.  

In contrast, Unity is pre-built and ready to go. The expert developers at Datix leveraged years of experience to craft an advanced solution that can be rapidly deployed. Unity supports the most common, bidirectional sync points between Epicor® and your front-end software. Our consultants quickly install Unity, providing you with a fully deployed integration usually within a month. Unlike other integration platforms, Unity is pre-made and installed without coding or hassle.  

Full Support 

For businesses with custom connectors or integration platforms like Jitterbit, the work isn’t over once the solution is deployed. IT teams must still monitor the integration and address errors. This takes up considerable time from other tasks. Plus, if the people in charge of monitoring your solution aren’t experts in integration, issues might go undetected and wreak havoc on your software performance. 

Our developers designed Unity to take this enormous responsibility out of your business’s hands. Unity performs comprehensive maintenance checks and consolidates any issues into a single report. Our certified consultants use this report to instantly catch errors and begin any necessary fixes. We work swiftly and accurately to resolve issues and make sure your data flows smoothly throughout your enterprise. With Unity, your business never needs to worry about error handling.  

Higher ROI 

The lengthy period it takes to get most integrations up and running cuts into your ROI. When you use a complex platform such as Jitterbit, you’re liable to run into errors or data mishaps as you build it. In our experience, we’ve seen that organizations that come across issues during their projects tend to leave their integrations incomplete. Rather than build out the full integration scope, they spend all their time putting out fires and end up leaving money on the table.  

With Unity, your investment is lower, and the return is higher. Unity’s deployment and maintenance costs are estimated to be 300% less than home-grown solutions. Our application is pre-built and battle-tested, so it can be installed rapidly without any issue. For one client, we were able to sync 111,729 customer contacts, 10,097 products and 2,672 orders between their ERP and CRM systems without a single error. Once your solution is deployed, you can enjoy unmatched data integrity and full support. Unity’s simplicity and high level of performance make it a reliable solution, delivering value throughout your software’s lifetime.  

Wrap Up 

Unity sets the standard for Epicor® integration. Our pre-built application makes it easier than ever to seamlessly connect Epicor® with a variety of systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and HubSpot. Fast, scalable and user-friendly, Unity has the power to transform your enterprise from top to bottom. 

Datix is the go-to source for ERP expertise. Our certified consultants are committed to helping manufacturers and distributors optimize their business performance. We’ll get your integration off the ground quickly, so you can enjoy a hefty return on your investment in no time.  

Make the right choice for your Epicor® integration solution. Contact Datix today to learn more about Unity!  

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