How Tracking Increases Growth and Supports Compliance for Medical Manufacturers


For medical device, equipment and supplies manufacturers, it is necessary to be software compliant with industry regulations and standards, but your system has the potential to do so much more. ERP software solutions like SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) offer a variety of features like tracking that not only meet compliance expectations, but foster growth and efficiency. Through real-time, revision, and recall tracking, manufacturers can prepare for compliance reviews while facilitating growth. 

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time history tracking supports meeting compliance standards and allows manufacturers to understand how their production line is doing. SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) tracks who and when each step of the manufacturing process is completed in real-time. This high level of transparency keeps production on schedule, holds everyone accountable and offers valuable insights to boost growth. For instance, it is possible to quickly identify problematic habits (e.g., one team consistently taking too long on a certain task) that are slowing down the entire line and to reward those who model strong work ethic.

Revision Tracking

Medical device, equipment and supplies manufacturers need to be meticulous about tracking revisions to meet the high standards set on their products. Through revision tracking, it is possible to restore data to a previous version if something needs to be redone. The SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) ERP allows users to track changes to every part of the process, including drawings, documents, bills of materials, lot numbers, client names, serial numbers, leasing and warranty information. This thorough knowledge of the revision process is valuable during inspections and audits and for management as it considers ways to increase efficiency.

Recall Tracking

The best recall tracking systems help prevent recalls to protect consumers and a company’s reputation, while being able to identify and issue them effectively when necessary. For Q2 of 2022, the total number of medical device recalls was about 10% higher than the quarterly average for the last five years, with most of these pertaining to safety risks (MedTechDive). While the number of individual recalls increased, the total number of affected units dropped significantly, meaning that companies are quickly adapting when a recall needs to take place (MedTechDive). SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) allows manufacturers to decrease the number of recalls they issue by implementing effective management systems, saving them money. These systems also allow you to react quickly to halt product production if a recall occurs, which can be done through preconfigured automated notifications that are designed to activate when a recall is registered.


Utilizing tracking tools with a platform like Syteline (CloudSuite Industrial) will allow your business to be compliant with regulations while creating growth through increased efficiency and savings. When implementing a new ERP or maximizing a current system’s tracking capabilities, Datix is the ideal partner of choice. Datix has 25 years of ERP consultation experience and has worked with all the major software applications. At Datix, we build client software support directly into the business process, so that our clients see an increase in productivity, customer satisfaction, and profits.

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