How Software Integrations Support Sales, Finance & Leadership


Sales, Finance and Leadership are critical areas of your business that all depend on thing: reliable data. With the average company spending 15-25% of their revenue on bad data, it is crucial for businesses to create an effective data setup (MarkLogic). Many manufacturers and distributors rely on multiple software systems to run (like an ERP, CRM, e-Commerce, Marketing Automation Software, and other enterprise software), which can cause significant difficulties for tracking data efficiently and accurately. An integrated software system allows information to pass between all of your platforms seamlessly, creating a single source of truth for your company. Sales, Finance and Leadership can rise above the competition by applying a well-designed software integration.


Sales teams excel when they are given the time and resources to engage with their leads. Without a software integration, Sales may be forced to learn and input into multiple systems, depend on other departments to send them the latest customer data, or are simply left in the dark about how their company and clients are doing. This last possibility may be the case with many organizations, as 78% of those surveyed stated that Sales representatives lacked important information about case studies from current clients (RainmakerVT). An integration gives your Sales team the latest customer and product data right from their preferred software in minutes. Unlike your competitors, your Sales team will have the information necessary to answer critical questions and close deals during meetings, rather than getting lost in an endless back and force with potential clients.


Finance requires complete and precise data, which be a challenge to receive from other departments or customers. To make matters more confusing, many companies collect financial information through multiple systems, requiring hours of duplicate data entry and reconciliation. These time-consuming, often frustrating reconciliations put a strain on your Finance team and their relationships with other departments. A software integration seamlessly eliminates the need for all this extra work and makes it simple to come up with one clear system for inputting financial information. With an ERP or other financial software, Finance can even set up requirements for data entry to ensure that they have the information they need right when it is inputted (e.g., listing the bank account a deposit should go into).


Leadership has the challenging responsibility of assessing company progress, moving it in the right direction, and pivoting as needed. Without proper data, reports and accessible project management tools, Leadership will be making critical decisions blindly. It is important for everyone to be using the same language and to have access to data that is simple to understand. An integration gives your teams current data seamlessly, and Leadership can utilize pre-made reports or charts to see how the company is doing from every angle. With such a high level of transparency, Leadership can quickly see if any sector is falling short and create achievable but ambitious goals. This high level of visibility also allows Leadership to quickly respond to unexpected changes or capitalize on sudden shifts in the marketplace.


A software integration can transform your Sales, Finance and Leadership teams by providing a single source of truth for your business. As a leader of ERP, CRM, and other software solutions for over two decades, Datix is the partner of choice for manufacturers looking to move to the next level. With Unity: Integration by Datix, you have access to a pre-built and highly customizable enterprise application specifically designed to be rapidly deployable, easy to use and fully managed for you. Because Unity is pre-built with no custom coding required, Datix completes integrations faster and for a far lower cost than our competitors. Unity has multiple applications to fit a wide array of business needs and platforms, whether hosted on-premises or in the cloud, and is fully scalable regardless of your software version.

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