Epicor Insights 2019, Part 4: ERP Services

ERP Services

Paul Breaks Down Datix’s ERP Services 

In my experience at manufacturing and distribution enterprises, I saw firsthand how ERP software can empower companies to solve real issues and maximize profits. I brought this knowledge to Datix as the Vice President of Solution Engineering, helping clients optimize their business performance with software.  

We believe truly supporting clients means going beyond ERP implementations. As Matt touched on in part two of our series, installing ERP doesn’t instantly fix everything. At different stages of your business’s development, you’ll need to fine-tune your processes and your software to address new issues and experience greater efficiency. That’s why it’s important to team up with a consultant who offers a variety of ERP services designed to help you well beyond the initial deployment.  

Insights, Epicors annual customer conference, promotes continued growth and learning in the Epicor community. In less than a month, I’ll be at booth four with other members of the Datix team to talk to Insights attendees about methods and solutions they can use to improve their processes. But before we get there, let’s take a look at some of the ERP services we provide to fuel manufacturing and distribution success.  

ERP Upgrade 

Keeping your Vantage, Vista or Enterprise software is a recipe for disaster. These legacy systems lack the patches, innovative features and speed required to stay ahead of the competition. Moving up to Epicor 10 is essential for business growth. With Epicor 10, your business can gain: 

  • A top-of-the-line product configurator 
  • Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC), a fully integrated eCommerce solution 
  • Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) to promote greater collaboration 
  • An active home page with embedded business intelligence (BI) 

However, manufacturers and distributors tend to get overwhelmed with upgrade projects. To prevent this from happening, our consultants guide clients throughout the process, helping them move essential features and data to their new system. We also work with clients to evaluate whether to pursue a reimplementation or upgrade. Our guidance takes the pain out of upgrades, so you can ditch your legacy software and enhance productivity. 

Business Process Modeling 

One of the most important things we do as consultants is perform business process modeling. After diagramming your current processes, our experts identify gaps and pain points you might have missed. From there, we help clients map out improved processes and create use cases that demonstrate how each user will utilize the ERP system to meet business goals. 

Businesses that model their processes on their own often miss out on areas of improvement. IT teams often lack a full understanding of functional requirements, managers struggle to grasp technical requirements and, in most cases, neither possess full knowledge of the particular ERP solution or best practices. Consultants have expertise in all these areas, making them integral resources for improving processes and workflows through your ERP project.  

Continuous Improvement Plan 

Our consultants won’t abandon you after go live. To prevent projects from going over budget, businesses will often avoid taking on some customizations or adding modules during the implementation. Instead, they save these tasks for some time after the software’s deployment. However, clients often struggle to create a schedule and budget for post-go-live projects. That can leave users without valuable features for too long or limit the effectiveness of your ERP solution. 

Our Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP) are designed to prevent these problems and ensure you don’t forget to optimize your system after it goes live. Once your system is installed, we assist you with post-implementation tasks, completing anything that didn’t make it into the initial deployment. Through our CIPs, we deliver support, asset management, systems audits and other services to drive future business success.  

Project Methodology 

When it comes to ERP projects, “winging it” is out of the question. Software projects include multiple people and moving parts, making careful planning critical to success. At Datix, we follow a fool-proof strategy that adheres to industry best practices, so you can fulfill your business goals.  

Our Strategic Solution Process is our proven methodology for executing software implementations and projects. Our strategy is designed to instill transparency, control and change management throughout the project. With this step-by-step methodology in place, businesses can minimize risk and simplify every step of the process, so they can stick to their budgets and timelines.  

Wrap Up 

Premier consultants don’t just install your system and leave. They deliver comprehensive solutions and services to facilitate business growth and improvement at every stage of your software journey. At Datix, we have you covered. As an Epicor Gold Partner, Datix has the expertise to drive value from your ERP investment. In addition to a variety of ERP services, our consultants offer CRM implementations, integrations, disaster recovery and more to elevate your business performance.  

Ready to learn more about transforming your business with software? Visit the Datix team at Epicor Insights 2019. We’ll be at booth four in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas from April 15-18. To learn more before then, click the button below to get in touch with our experts.  


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