The Story Behind Datix’s Name and Logo

Datix Name Logo

What Does “Datix” Mean?

To kick off the new year, we decided to reflect on our roots. Datix was formed 20 years ago with the goal of transforming business through software. In 2018, we remain devoted to this mission and to the Midwest region where our headquarters is still located. A closer look at our name and logo reveals more insight into the core values that has made us leaders in enterprise software consulting.

Staying Loyal to Our Name

Data: it’s the key to making smart decisions. But leveraging data for business success requires cutting-edge enterprise software solutions. That’s Datix’s mission, and this mission is encompassed in our name. “Datix” combines the words “data” and “UNIX.” UNIX’s multitasking, multi-user computer operating system revolutionized software. At the dawn of our business, we built data-driven systems on UNIX platforms. More importantly, however, UNIX developers built a philosophy that inspired our approach. The UNIX philosophy places the user at the center. That means keeping codes and interfaces simple, robust and transparent to enable effective software performance without any fuss. With this simplicity, users can connect programs and enjoy trustworthy software that supports businesses years down the line.

Datix remains loyal to our name by building software solutions that revolutionize manufacturing and distribution businesses. We have earned Epicor Platinum Partner status and partnered with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce to bring our clients the best in ERP and CRM. But we help you get even more from your data by offering pre-built integrations through Unity. Unity is our one-of-a-kind platform that connects a variety of software into a single source of truth, providing optimal transparency and efficiency.

To get the most from our superior software solutions, we also created our Strategic Solution Process, our signature method of working closely with clients to develop a comprehensive implementation or integration plan that coheres with each business’ unique needs. On top of that, our custom-tailored solutions and commitment to providing maintenance, upgrades and other forms of assistance beyond go-live ensure your system supports your business as it develops in the coming years. Datix is the premier one-stop software consulting firm, and our name reflects our dedication to going the extra mile for every client.

Representing St. Louis

Constructed in 1965, the St. Louis Gateway Arch continues to symbolize innovation. Its sleek, simple design has made it a powerful landmark for over half a century. People continue to take tours to the top, proving the arch’s architectural soundness. For our logo, we chose to draw on our city’s most famous symbol by using silver font and featuring part of the arch in the letter “A.” We made this choice to pay tribute to our headquarters’ location and express our commitment to working with Epicor ERP users in the Midwest. Additionally, our logo represents the strength that both the arch and our software solutions have in common.

At Datix, we build software solutions that are as streamlined and innovative as the St. Louis landmark. We aren’t interested in showing off our technical prowess by throwing in every advanced customization and feature into your software. Instead, Datix works one-on-one with each client, ensuring that we provide everything you need to enhance crucial business processes—nothing more, nothing less. Our solutions are strong enough to support all of your needs but nimble enough for further customizations and integrations as your enterprise develops. With the help of Datix, manufacturers and distributors can stand strong, just like our city’s symbol.

Wrap Up

Now that you know the story behind our name and logo and how this reflects our mission, reach out to our experts today to learn more about our quality solutions. We’ll put our experience and technology to the test to enable you to achieve your business goals in 2018!

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