5 Reasons iPaaS is the Next Big Thing in Cloud Software

iPaaS Cloud Software

The Myriad Benefits of iPaaS

As the cloud and cloud-based services gather more traction within the enterprise technology world, it’s hard to think of a software solution or platform not making the move to the web. The trend of shifting hosted software towards the cloud is hardly a surprise. After all, web-based software systems provide every business with scalability, reliability, ease of implementation and use that on-site hosting hasn’t been able to keep up with.

So, what’s the next big thing in cloud software? The answer is iPaaS: the buzzy tech acronym for Integration Platform as a Service. As more vendors and clients are transitioning to SaaS (Software as a Service) for the savings and accessibility, they are naturally searching for a similarly cost-effective and easily implemented solution to integrate those systems. A platform—or bridge—between SaaS systems can similarly be built on a remote web server. That means that iPaaS can extend the assets of enterprise integration even further—syncing up your key information and processes in the cloud so that they can be accessed anywhere.

If the trend of cloud-based enterprise technology continues at the same pace it’s currently going, there’s no denying that web-based integration solutions will truly define the landscape of interconnected enterprise software going forward. Here’s 5 reasons why iPaaS is the next big thing in enterprise software:

Time and Cost Savings

Where traditional, on-premise software integration projects can take months of dedicated work and increased investment dollars with every customization or add-on, integration in the cloud will accommodate your needs much more cost-effectively and in a shorter time frame. Plus, with iPaas, integration of any new systems or an increase in storage space requires little more than some work on your current integration platform online, but not an on-site customization visit. Your iPaaS vendor will take care of the maintenance and storage of your interconnected data, giving your employees their time back to focus on the critical tasks they were hired to do.

Ease of Use

A web-hosted integrator is instantly more scalable and customizable than an on-premise project. You don’t need a lengthy planning process and a huge project team just to get your integration off the ground. With integration in the cloud your platform is deployed rapidly and will synchronize your enterprise data with little to no work on your end. Post-deployment, that platform should be doing all the work for you so that your applications are sharing all the data and inputs instantaneously. Choose a platform that syncs your data automatically rather than just dropping files for importation, and you won’t have to do any work integrating information!

Single Source of Truth

Integration in the cloud allows you to host all your most critical enterprise data in the same place. As these applications share data through the web, syncing happens seamlessly, whenever you choose to schedule it. Immediately you will have single, accessible location for all your business’ data and software processes. It can also serve as a convenient reference point for any customer query! With iPaaS, your business can truly generate a 360-degree view of your customer and sales process from end-to-end, insights into your target market and the inventory and scheduling required to meet demand.

Invisible to End Users

The best iPaaS solutions are invisible to their users—only detectable when you need them to be. Once the platform is deployed, it should be able to sync all your CRM and ERP data discretely and constantly. The integration platform will work its magic behind the scenes until you need a certain piece of data, or want to create a report using information from your combined CRM and ERP. Any necessary support for that platform will be available directly through the web whenever you need it. Your iPaaS vendor will be staffed with experts that have in-depth experience with your software and their own connector, who can then do all the troubleshooting through the web. Because support teams can access your integration platform instance from wherever they are, there’s no need for on-site visits for support or add-ons of new features.

Connect Separately Hosted Software

Some businesses may shy away from an iPaaS solution because they rely solely on on-premise services or a combination of cloud and on-site software that they need to integrate. However, iPaaS doesn’t require your systems to also be cloud-hosted! It can connect any number of on or off-site systems or data—your information will be synced and accessible within the cloud, even if your software is not. Integration in the cloud is a natural solution for businesses that are looking to move their processes into the cloud but still have an enterprise system on-site, or for companies that have multiple offices or subsidiaries that need to sync up information in one location. Because it is hosted in the web, integration in the cloud is inherently flexible and able to fit whatever business processes you need to align, wherever those processes themselves may be hosted.

Wrap Up

Web-based connectors promise to open the huge range of benefits of software integration to small and midsize business through their ease of use, speed and cost effectiveness. The emerging popularity of cloud integration solutions are just another sign that the future is that of the interconnected enterprise, where every process and employee within a business is communicating, collaborating and working through the same platforms to drive revenue and carry out the company’s mission.

If you’re looking to connect your ERP software with the help of iPaaS, get in touch with Datix today! We’ve built Unity by Datix, an accessible, managed iPaaS tool that we can install for your enterprise systems! The platform is pre-built and automated, meaning you don’t have to do any coding before implementation, or any work to move your data between systems. Other integration platforms simply can’t say the same. Set up a demo and see for yourself just how iPaaS can transform your business!

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