Avoid ERP Failure: Team Up with Epicor Consultants

Avoid ERP Failure Epicor Consultants

How ERP Consultants Mitigate Risk

In our 20 years of providing enterprise software solutions, Datix has heard a number of ERP failure stories. These failures have generated a plethora of misconceptions about ERP. Furthermore, as an Epicor Platinum Partner, we have often had to debunk myths about Epicor ERP in particular. Though botched ERP projects serve as a popular topic for computer and software blogs, Datix has been responsible for a wide array of successful Epicor projects and witnessed the evolution of Epicor’s services. Generally speaking, criticisms of ERP come from clients who didn’t utilize best practices in their software projects, and one of those best practices is teaming up with trusted consultants. In this piece, we’ll address misconceptions that manufacturers and distributors have about Epicor ERP and explain how expert consultants alleviate the biggest concerns.

Complex Interface

One rumor circulating about Epicor ERP, and ERP in general, is the complexity of user interfaces. This is no small accusation. An easy, meaningful user experience is the key to getting the most out of your data and Epicor’s advanced analytics. Knowing this, Epicor made its built-in dashboards flexible. Employees take advantage of the touch-enabled interface to develop their own workbenches, personalize the size and placement of features and determine how to display data.  Such easily configurable dashboards optimize the user experience, enabling a more efficient workforce.

If Epicor has such robust dashboards, then what is the source of the criticism? When companies hastily implement an out-of-the-box ERP system without training, business process modeling or modifying the software, they tend to accuse the system itself of ill performance. The truth is that simply installing any ERP system straight from the box will do your business little good. Users will need even more time to learn how to use the interface if they don’t receive training, and worse yet, they still might find the system useless if it wasn’t implemented with business processes in mind.

However, by teaming up with trusted Epicor consultants, businesses can take full advantage of the software’s functional interface. The best consultants are experts in helping you gain insight into your processes and ensuring your ERP instance is enhanced for optimal performance. When it comes to training, consultants will go beyond the manuals to provide hands-on instruction. Furthermore, top consultants like those at Datix will go the extra mile by fixing any problems with your system after go-live. Bottom line: if you aren’t using implementation best practices through working closely with software experts, you won’t get much from Epicor’s impressive interface.  

Long Implementation Period

Far too many companies endure ERP implementations that extend well past the deadline and still fail to deliver the expected results. Why is that? Sometimes, businesses have unrealistic expectations. The complexity of business processes and desired software features as well as the size of the company contribute to the duration of your project, meaning that it might take several months to fully implement the system. That being said, this time will be well worth the increased ROI and efficiency that will result from Epicor ERP’s effective features. Plus, you can also work with a consultant to divide more complex projects into phases, so that the most important ERP functions can go live soon.

Unfortunately, Datix has come across more dire situations in which projects have surpassed the one- or even two-year mark because businesses planned poorly, tried to implement the system on their own or teamed up with the wrong consultant. Small to mid-size manufacturers and distributors tend to lack the resources to undergo an implementation on their own, requiring the help of experts. But you can’t just go with any software consulting firm—you need business process modeling wizards who specialize in your industry. Do due diligence in researching and questioning consultants. Do they have a high rate of ERP implementation success? Can they devote enough time to the project? As long as you plan effectively and work with the right firm, your Epicor ERP will go live on time and on budget.

Wrap Up

One final point: if you choose Epicor, you shouldn’t rely on just a general ERP consulting firm. Datix earned Epicor Platinum Partner status, proving we know Epicor inside and out. Our consultants have spent a combined total of about 50 years in providing enterprise software solutions, and we specialize in Epicor, making us the best choice for meeting your ERP needs.

Epicor ERP’s wide range of features makes it the ultimate system for taking your midmarket manufacturing or distributing business to the top. Contact Datix today, and find out how we’ll help you leverage Epicor’s functionality to reach your enterprise goals!


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