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Manufacturers of any industry operate in an increasingly competitive world that can be characterized by shrinking profit margin, increasingly complex supply chains, and shorter product life cycles. Coupled with the quick pace of technological advancement that increases customers’ expectations and pressure to get innovative products to the market more quickly, it can seem daunting at times when maintaining a sharp competitive edge.  However, modernized industrial technology is designed to help you gain that competitive edge and stay ahead of your competition. Better yet, it is readily available at your fingertips—you simply need to know how to use it.


Infor CloudSuite Industrial is one such technology. It enables manufacturers to optimize their supply chains and reduce development cycles while increasing efficiencies and driving down costs.


Here’s how comprehensive business solutions allow companies to reliably seize new opportunities to achieve desired outcomes. 

Increase Supply Chain Visibility


In short, supplier collaboration is hard to come by and data sharing with suppliers and customers is not transparent. Manufacturers deal with a complex supply chain and limited visibility while orchestrating production operations. Not to mention additional backing like co-manufacturers or inventory support that create an even more intricate production process.


Planning is incredibly important to meet customer needs and keep operations in check, but can become extremely difficult to accomplish with opaque end-to-end visibility. For this reason, Infor built CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) to create a single, centralized hub for supply chain information to maintain crystal clear visibility throughout a supply chain and commerce network. Easily managing your supply chain, warehousing, and fulfillment in one application will mean easier planning from start to finish.


Operate at Maximum Efficiency 


Let’s use Metal Forming Manufacturers as a prime example of an industry sector that needs continuous innovation to keep business running at maximum efficiency. That can be particularly challenging when businesses operate on legacy ERP solutions that provide single dimension data.


CloudSuite Industrial is a top-tier production management ERP solution designed to drive efficiency across make-to-order and engineer-to-order operations. Features such as shop floor scheduling, inventory management, and lean production tools take control of day-to-day tasks to create growth and profitability opportunities. The software itself places users in the perfect position to speed up innovation and new product introductions with tools built specifically for product development, design, configuration, and engineering. For industry segments like Metal Forming, evolving industry demands and scaling to the top of the marketplace become real-world results. 


Meet Market Demand with Ease 


In the past, customers would purchase products that took longer to deliver with a “long-lasting” guarantee. Today, however, customers are looking to acquire customized products in rapid time with the same quality guarantee. Design, production, and delivery no longer adhering to a virtue of patience.


To meet these evolving demands, companies have equipped product lifecycle management solutions. ERP modules that feature specific regulatory, quality, and supply chain impact information have made it easier to analyze processes that affect customers the most. Many business analysts agree that these adaptions drive industrial markets and that the software solutions that can monitor customer asset and investment status have become a necessity.


Time to Maximize 


Though industrial manufacturers operate in an increasingly competitive market, enterprise technology continuously improves to create competitive advantages for users. Enterprise resource planning solutions like Infor CloudSuite Industrial are designed to help enterprises easily reach and keep that advantage while keeping systems secure.


However, overlooking the key step of implementation can lead to disruptions and critical errors. When software is implemented incorrectly or not aligned to your specific goals, the software will never operate at full potential. With the power to support unlimited capabilities on a local and global scale, comes great responsibility.

If you are considering ERP implementation for your business, get a consultation with an expert before. Datix is a certified Infor partner that provide a business-first approach when implementing software solutions. This unique approach creates an environment that meets specific requirements and desired ROI goals from start to finish. Working with Datix means you have one-stop-shop expert support from ERP and CRM to eCommerce, Business Intelligence, and beyond.


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