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Facilitate Business Growth with Infor ERP

Businesses tend to stick with old systems and procedures, to gravitate towards what feels the safest and most comfortable yo use. Much like individuals who are stuck in their old ways, moving between the right and wrong track happens faster than we think—even in business. When businesses refuse to move out of their comfort zone, these old methods will eventually infringe on your company’s success. While you continue to use QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets, your competitors are continuously improving their business processes with ERP systems. Luckily, there are strategies we can use to keep your business on the right track. 

Enterprise-level success is all about growth, but you cannot achieve growth if your business remains stagnant. Instead, an investment in proven enterprise software will help your business attain continuous development, growth, and those coveted bottom-line goals. By replacing or even integrating your outdated systems with Infor ERP, you will elevate your business and keep your lines on the right track. 

Increase Efficiency 

Becoming absorbed in pre-established routines will often lead to the failure of realizing when your system is wasting time and resources. Relying on spreadsheets alone puts companies at higher risk for human error and data loss. Manual data input introduces this human error, wastes time, and prevents employees from being able to focus on value-added tasks. The reality: Excel and ECC are simply not built to handle the immense datasets of many large companies.

Infor ERP gives users access to role-based dashboards, metrics, and reports. The dashboards are completely customizable with a modern user interface that allows you to easily display and prioritize data that you deem most important. With such an industry-rich functionality, you gain a comprehensive view of your most meaningful data, all on one screen. Infor automatically processes and records data, removes manual data entry completely, enhances productivity, and frees employees to focus on the core of your business. All provided in one implementation.

Accessible from Anywhere

Since the inception of enterprise technology, the goal has been to help businesses keep the advantage. When outdated legacy systems start to feel like they chain you to your desk, they prevent you from gaining a full understanding of your business and keep you from creating an advantage. Data from a looking view appears as just that, data. But isn’t it so much more? Freeing yourself from the desk to work from the shop floor is a pivotal step to obtaining a clearer overall vision of your business. 

Cloud-first based strategy and ERP solutions by Infor are available for deployment in the cloud. By allowing yourself the luxury to access and edit data from wherever you work provides the mitigation of possible risks as well as deeper industry and business insight which translates into faster time to value and increased opportunity for innovation. 

Create Cohesive Solutions

Strong enterprise-level performance depends on streamlined processes. When different members of your team are creating countless spreadsheets and using other methods to keep records, information cannot be easily consolidated. Employees often need to send email after email to acquire access to crucial figures. This practice of storing and creating data sets on separate systems creates departmental silos, decreasing collaboration, efficiency, and insight.

Infor ERP builds a cohesive solution that synchronizes supply, demand, and fulfillment to power end-to-end efficiency. Infor connects a variety of modules- including inventory management, financial management, supply chain management, and more to improve transparency and accountability. This eliminates information and departmental silos, communication breakdowns, and disjointed operations. Infor ERP acts as a central hub for all of your back-end data and operations, helping your business run smoothly.

Built for Your Business 

Staying ahead of the competition requires staying ahead of enterprise software trends. Infor is on the cutting edge of enterprise software and is constantly evolving and creating new software to support industries. Infor provides scalable ERP solutions built for your industry. From manufacturing and distribution to healthcare and retail, Infor covers all industries and provides end-to-end ERP solutions. 

Infor empowers businesses to become global, connected enterprises. Infor distribution and manufacturing ERP allows you to increasingly expand your boards and provides multi-site, multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-language solutions to streamline processes no matter the scale of your enterprise. While Infor Ming.le promotes business-wide collaboration by establishing a common workflow and organizing conversations into enterprise-wide streams. Employees can easily share key screens, data, and attachments, creating a single space for team collaboration and business process improvement. 

Infor is dedicated to bringing you the best, modernized technology to advance your business but they also understand the software means nothing if it is too complex to use. Infor eliminates the complexities that come with traditional ERP software solutions by offering intuitive navigation, user-friendly interfaces, and user-friendly tools allowing you to harness the full power of your software. 

Wrap Up

To rise to the top and become the best in your industry, your business must take advantage of the best technology. Infor ERP provides innovative solutions to streamline operations and boost efficiency. 

Datix is a certified Infor partner with over 20 years of experience implementing ERP software solutions. We are dedicated to helping you transform your business with software and provide you with a seamless Infor integration. We know that you can only operate on outdated systems for so long before your business begins to crumble. Don’t waste another minute using these outdated systems instead, contact Datix to start an Infor implementation today! 


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