Streamline Business Processes by Integrating ERP and CRM


Simplify Software Integration with Unity 

Technological evolution continues to give companies advantages they have never previously experienced, new software gives you the ability to streamline processes, and supreme accessibility to your data in real-time. Within this technology evolution, you receive the opportunity to stay ahead of your competition. You simply have to reach out and take that advantage.

Many companies have invested in both ERP and CRM system software to gain control over their success in today’s market. These systems may have provided some business improvements, but they fail to do the one thing that could put their users miles ahead of the competition: integrate with previous software systems.  

While integration definitively streamlines your business processes, not all integration methods are created equal. Custom connectors often require painstaking coding and costly maintenance. But you need an integration solution that takes stress off your business instead of introducing more—a pre-built, fully customizable, time-saving connector. That is why Datix built Unity. With a pre-built application that seamlessly connects your ERP and CRM software, seizing that competitive advantage and even setting yourself miles apart to become your industry’s new powerhouse is more attainable than ever before.

Eradicate Information Silos 

ERP and CRM when implemented and running independently can provide some of the desired results a company looks for in the software. CRM software helps you organize sales, marketing, and customer service while your ERP system manages accounts, inventory, and quality control. These can be extremely beneficial to a company on their own. However, when these systems remain separated you end up creating departmental and information silos. Tasks that should take only a few hours require days of back-and-forth between various departments and you fail to gain an encompassing view of your organization. 

Integrating ERP and CRM software creates a central hub for both your front-end and back-end solutions. By creating a single source of truth, you eradicate duplicate data entry. This saves your employees time and eliminates silos because when a new entry or custom field is added to your ERP the CRM updates to reflect these changes, and vice versa.  The integration also gives your managers a 360-degree view of your enterprise, which can help your organization make smarter decisions and increase efficiency. 

Streamline Workflows 

When you fail to integrate your ERP and CRM software your employees are forced to continually switch between the two softwares to execute key processes. This slows down progress and increases the possibility of error. Integration cuts down on the need for manual tasks and allows your employees to focus instead on value-added tasks. 

Integrations are designed to help you seamlessly move data through your enterprise by creating automated workflows. ERP and CRM integration turns manual steps into easy, streamlined activities. Taking processes, processes that had previously required employees to tediously switch between apps and manually input data, have transformed into quick, painless operations. 

Continuous Support

Normal software integration solutions require you to either hire a costly IT team or have your current IT team dedicate countless hours coding and creating a system. Once the system is created, it will require expensive updates and is exposed to crashes, bugs, and data loss. Placing your trust in any run-of-the-mill software integration solution can lead to many problems. Software projects are serious investments that handle your most critical data and functions. When handled improperly, they threaten your enterprise. When handled correctly, the competitive advantage is yours for the taking.

It is easy for us to say that Unity is different from other solutions, but our clients speak for its results. Since it is pre-built it takes the responsibility out of your hands.  Unity has the superior support of Datix and when you use Unity you gain a hands-on support team that is dedicated to keeping your data safe and preventing costly downtime. Our consultants offer in-depth error handling, updates, and maintenance to ensure your software is always up-to-date and working at peak performance. 

Wrap Up

Choosing to implement ERP and CRM software can provide major benefits to your business, however, when you continue to operate the two software systems independently you create gaps in efficiency. Information and departmental silos can be extremely detrimental to your enterprise and create more work for employees. To truly reap all the benefits of both your ERP and CRM software they need to be integrated, creating a single source of truth and streamlining your workflows. 

As we said before, it is easy for us to say that Unity eliminates the hassle of normal software integration. It can be seamlessly installed with no coding requirements on your end, it is handled by Datix software and development experts, and has over 20 years of Datix implementing ERP and CRM software experience. It is easy to say that an unparalleled understanding of both solutions and its connections will give you the competitive advantage.

When you work with Datix, we will show you how easy it is to acquire these as well as your competitive advantage. When you integrate CRM and ERP software, your company rises to the top of the marketplace. It really is that simple. If you are ready to see what an integration using Unity can do for your business, check out some of our Unity demo videos and reach out to Datix today! See how easy it is for yourself.


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