Get Inventory Operations Back on Track with Factory Track

GetInventoryOperationsBackonTrackwithFactoryTrackWhat is Factory Track by Infor?


Customer expectations are rapidly growing; without speed, accuracy, and value, businesses will likely fall behind their competition. Yet, many manufacturers still rely on fragmented or outdated processes that create gaps between their shop floor and BI system, resulting in wasted time and materials, limited productivity, and loss of profits. Preventing this costly gap is as simple as investing in end-to-end manufacturing software with automation capabilities.


Factory Track by Infor delivers automation capabilities that streamline manufacturing operations in the warehouse and on the plant floor. As an extension of SyteLine, Factory Track is a powerful solution for automating your work center operations, managing inventory operations, tracking labor and attendance, and enhancing track-and-trace capabilities. Implementing SyteLine and Factory Track lets you regain control over your business and achieve business-wide visibility. 


Streamline Manufacturing Operations 


To run an effective manufacturing operation, you must understand labor costs and have inventory accuracy. Otherwise, you risk having unnecessarily high labor and material costs as well as a disjointed team, making it difficult to keep existing customers and attract new ones. 


Factory Track equips your company with software to simplify manufacturing while also providing you with insight and control. Designed on a modern technology platform, Factory Track lets you employ purpose-built devices to enhance automation capabilities and streamline operations. Additionally, Factory Track is composed of three modules—Warehouse Mobility, Shop Floor, and Time Track—that operate separately or work in tandem with SyteLine to improve manufacturing operations.


  • Warehouse Mobility: An online extension of StyeLine’s inventory and production capabilities that addresses a wide range of data collection within your warehouse and provides a simple interface so you can automate transactions using real-time barcode scanning. With this module, you can improve inventory movements as well as inbound and outbound logistics. Plus, Warehouse Mobility provides tools for container-based inventory management and labor tracking.
  • Shop Floor: A work center automation solution that features full touch-screen functionality, barcode scanning, and label-printing capabilities, so you can improve communication between the office and production floor. It also features a convenient user interface to automate work center operations (capturing labor against jobs, supporting team operations, issuing job materials, etc.), and your employees can easily access documents and routing notes associated with particular jobs as well as completed reports from one user-friendly interface. The module also, with a single operation, allows your managers to quickly build a team on the fly, and equally assign labor hours for each team member before the start of a shift.
  • Time Track: A module that allows you to take control of labor activities and easily automate attendance operations by delivering capabilities like vacation management, centralized time reporting, supervisor dashboards, and configurable payroll extracts. This system offers absence-management capabilities such as employee clock ins, attendance, and timesheet summaries, so you can focus on keeping your shop floor effective and on-schedule. 

Gain Unparalleled Inventory Accuracy and Insight


Proper scheduling and optimum inventory levels are simplified with correct material counts. This allows for more timely deliveries, shortened lead times, improved customer service, and less wasteful inventory spending, resulting in customer satisfaction and increased profit margins. Businesses can improve inventory accuracy by putting proper inventory management procedures in place. Factory Track makes it possible for employees to leverage well-executed procedures and provide instantaneous inventory transactions.


Further, improved visibility allows businesses to use real-time information in their work processes and production; this information improves customer experience. By being able to view all aspects of the production process, you’ll be able to communicate with a customer exactly where their merchandise is and when it will be complete. Additionally, this gives your sales team leverage to place new orders with existing and prospective customers.


Wrap Up 


Factory Track allows you to fuel business growth and stay ahead of your competition! With automated processes and unparalleled business insight, you can improve operational efficiencies and gain a strategic edge. 


To begin the implementation journey with Infor SyteLine and Factory Track, we recommend referring to one of our expert consultants. Datix can help you maximize your implementation dollars by providing you with a smooth and positive ERP implementation. We are a certified Infor partner with over 20 years of experience implementing ERP software.


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