Infor CloudSuite CRM Delivers a Complete View of Every Customer

InforCloudSuiteCRMDeliversaCompleteViewofEveryCustomerImproving Customer Service Betters Your Business 

If you don’t know exactly what your customers need and want, you can’t run a truly customer-centric enterprise! Customers are the heart of every business–they make it possible for your company to grow through repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. Without an excellent customer service and sales team, your business will struggle to reach enterprise success! 

Having said that, customer service is challenging and, oftentimes, hard to track. That’s why CRM software is invaluable!


Infor CloudSuite CRM software delivers complete visibility of every customer touchpoint across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, so you can maximize the impact of every interaction you have with your customers. 


Maximize Customer Interactions

Infor CRM software allows you to create rich customer profiles using information and interactions from not only your organization but also from external sources, so you have concrete insights about your customers’ needs.


Additionally, the software makes it easy to integrate business management applications, desktop productivity tools, e-marking, and social tools, so everyone in your organization can use that information to improve every interaction with your customers. That coupled with Infor’s CRM sales intelligence application empowers your team to build and maintain strong customer relationships and increase retention.


Get a Full View of Your Customers 

Infor CRM software easily integrates with Infor SyteLine (an ERP solution) to provide you with real-time data and information that expands your knowledge of your customer base and streamlines all business processes. By combining the two software, you gain a competitive edge as it gives you unparalleled abilities to improve experiences, expand services, and increase repeat business! 


Further, the software creates a unified platform for social, mobile, and cloud business, making it simpler for your employees to communicate with customers from anywhere. The software also gives you, and your employees, enterprise-wide visibility from a single application, so your employees can easily control every customer experience through marketing, sales, and service. 


Boosting Your Sales Team Productivity 

CRM software paired with Infor’s sales productivity tools identifies opportunities and streamlines sales activities. 


Infor’s CRM system has sales management tools equipped with analytics that provide your company with accurate forecasting, team, and territory management. Thus, taking the guesswork out of sales management and allowing you to quickly and easily understand the areas where your business is excelling as well as areas that may need improvement.


Plus, to better enhance and drive forecasting, the app has proactive alerts to ensure you are always aware of new opportunities and issues so you can mitigate risks.


Wrap Up 

Implementing Infor’s cloud-based CRM software will dramatically improve your business; however, implementation can be a challenging project. Datix can help! We are a certified Infor partner with over 20 years of experience implementing CRM, ERP, and countless other exciting software solutions. 


We understand the complex manufacturing and distribution industry, and we are dedicated to learning our partners’ business processes. We will help you implement the solutions that will transform your organization into a customer-centric enterprise. Plus, our consultants are dedicated to ensuring your system is always working to your satisfaction, so they stay with you after your go-live date to ensure the software continues to grow and evolve with your business!


Ready to take the next steps to better your business through customer service? Contact Datix today about starting your implementation of Infor CloudSuite CRM!

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