Maximize Your Workforce Impact with Infor CloudSuite HCM

MaximizeWorkforceImpactwithInforCloudSuiteHCMHCM Software Creates a Modernized Approach to HR 

From tracking employee records and overseeing payroll to delivering support for larger business strategies and new responsibilities, the role of HR has drastically changed over the years. But as the role of the HR department continues to evolve how do you keep up? 


Infor understands the importance of a robust HR team, so they offer Infor CloudSuite HCM, an end-to-end talent-focused solution that strategically aligns your business strategy to people’s initiatives and talent capabilities. Keep reading to learn how Infor CloudSuite HCM can help you get the most out of your workforce!  


Optimize Your HR Department  

Infor CloudSuite HCM is built to support the modernization of HR operations and help your HR department deliver real, differentiating value. 


The software uses a single platform for workforce information and captures employee data, positions, competencies, and organizational relationships. Then, the information is categorized and placed into an easy-to-access database. Once the database is established, you can deploy streamlined benefits and absence processes to drive adoption and value realization.  


Plus, Infor CloudSuite HCM reduces the load on your HR department with self-service tools. Managers and employees can utilize these tools to receive role-based, personalized information, allowing both your HR staff and other employees to focus on more pressing company matters.  


Boost Employee Performance 

Employees perform at their best when they can easily access information and personalized communication. Your HR department should prioritize and promote open communication company-wide. Cloud-based HCM software streamlines communication by giving employees access to the system from anywhere.  


Additionally, by using real-time behavior science and analytics data, Infor CloudSuite HCM allows employees to reach their greatest potential by boosting employee performance, improving workforce effectiveness, and maintaining control over your company’s talent strategy.  


Finding the Best Talent for Your Organization  

CloudSuite HCM will also help you find the best people to join your organization. It’s equipped with technology to identify best-fit talent, reduce time-to-productivity, and increase employee satisfaction and retention with science. 


While searching for new hires, your HR team can set up filters that align applicants with your organizational goals, ensuring you find and hire the best people to excel in the role and company culture. Proactivity establishing organizational goals with prospective hires will also increase engagement and productivity! 


Once you have found the right person for the job, your HR department will be able to develop and train employees for career planning and organizational agility. Or, if you are looking to promote current employees, CloudSuite HCM can identify and coach talent potential for leadership roles.  


Wrap Up 

Employees are critical not just to business operations but also to company growth. By improving the hiring process and increasing employee retention, you gain a competitive advantage! 


With Infor you have access to advanced HCM software powered by scientific processes, so you can predict outcomes, tailor programs to individuals, and optimize day-to-day decisions to maintain a committed workforce.  


Datix is an Infor partner, and our consultants’ expertise and dedication are unmatched. From the beginning of your project to after your go-live date, our consultants will be with you to help you maximize your software.  


To learn more about Infor CloudSuite HCM and our other exciting software solutions, contact one of our expert consultants today! 


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